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Quilt tags   General Discussion

Started Mar-16 by LeeAnn (mom1me2); 601 views.
LeeAnn (mom1me2)

From: LeeAnn (mom1me2)


Many of you have shown quilts with personalized tags on them. How do you make those ?  Do you do them on a computer?  But , then , how do you get them onto your quilt ??? 

lost and confused ....


From: judyinohio


You can design and write a personal message for a quilt and then print it out on paper and "audition" it on your quilt to see if you like what you have designed.  (Use various fonts available on your printer and there are also all kinds of "clip art" where you can select borders.)

Once you have designed something you really like you can print it out on a special inkjet fabric called "EQ Printables" which is sold at quilt shops or online. I have used this fabric (somewhat pricey) for years and never been disappointed with the excellent results. I've printed photos on it and they come out very clear.

I've read that you can create a solution to put on fabric and make your own printable fabric but I have never tried using that. I just go with the ready-made stuff which, as I've said is pricey, but it has always worked for me.

The last time I wanted a really special label for a quilt I went to Etsy and found someone to embroider one for me.  But then you weren't asking about that.  LOL

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


you can also use fabric pens to write whatever you want on whatever fabric - as long as there is enough contrast! The best fabric pens are Micron...Sharpie also makes a couple of good fabric pens (Stained or RubADub) but don't use just an ordinary Sharpie since they 'bloom' a bit on cloth...

Decide on your design or wording - I like to do mine in pencil on a piece of paper (though I have nice hand writing, I have been known to brain fart and spell stuff wrong...not so good when its permanent ink!) - then tape the paper to a light box or to a window, add a piece of fabric that is at least a couple inches bigger than you want your label and tape that down as well...trace over your design using whatever colors you want (or have!) set the ink...easiest way to do that is to press the label with the iron set as high as the fabric will tolerate....needs at least 10 -15 seconds.

There are other fabric inks that work too...Inktense has pencils that you put on either dry or wet fabric (its more permanent if you either use wet fabric or if you use a brush and clear water) .the blending on those is wonderful! 

Once you have the label done the way you want and heat set, you can trim it down a bit if needed...fold the edges under and press...I like at least a half inch turn under...and hand stitch it to the back of your quilt...

or...if you don't like or do hand stitching...put fusible on the back and iron it on...if you do this before you quilt, you can quilt over it and that will make it stick better.


From: Samsmom94


I bought my first embroidery machine with the idea of making my own fancy quilt labels. My labels don't end up fancy but I like them embroidered.




From: tuckyquilter


I use the same method for Quilt Labels as Judyinohio uses.  That Printable fabric works really well.  AND you can customize the label to the person or event. I recently made two almost identical quilts I called "Kansas Bison & Sunflowers" for my brother and cousin. They are in my home state of Kansas.  They took really good care of dad in his later years.  The 9-patch blocks are made from his shirts.  I almost always use the backing of the quilt round the label I've made.  Neither fellow is married so it's not like they have a wife sewing stuff all the time.  LOL

I see you said you have an embroidery machine, lucky gal.  I don't, but friends do. I've had them embroider labels right on the backing before the quilt is quilted.  So far those have held up well too.  For the embroidered ones I usually just use text. The who,what, where, when & why.  These labels are a bit more personal.


LeeAnn (mom1me2)

From: LeeAnn (mom1me2)


I ordered some stuff off amazon and ended up getting the wrong thing. I got sublimation sheets. Not cloth but more like an interfacing feel. Not sure what I ended up with.  
I do not have an embroidery machine, my dream machine is a longarm 

I wanted a really nice label for the T-shirt quilt Jonna helped me with a few years ago. I wrote out what I wanted and took it to a store that did embroidery work on hats, shirts, etc. They did an awesome job. 

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Sandy in TX (Centergranny) said:

took it to a store that did embroidery work on hats, shirts, etc

That's a great idea.  Never thought of that.  Were they surprised by your request?


From: tuckyquilter


oppsi-daisy  replied to the wrong thread.   here's what I order for labels.  Maybe this will help out.