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Binge Watching   Off-Topic Chat

Started Mar-16 by Mel Harris (MelHarris1); 1054 views.

Ok, in the interest in something different to do while we're all stuck at home for God knows how long...what are you watching on TV? What is good for binge watching? I have HULU, Netflix, and Prime. Personally I prefer dramas and sitcoms, and several I watch are medical dramas. I'll list some I'm watching or have really enjoyed:

Currently on HULU: 

The Good Doctor

New Amsterdam

A Million Little Things

Parenthood (oldie but goodie)

Almost Family

Grey's Anatomy


Find me in Paris



Fuller House

Jane the Virgin

Private Practice

Free Rein

Good Witch

The Fosters



Differnt World

When Calls the Heart

Marvelous Mrs. maisel

Drop Dead Diva

Hi!  Thanks for starting this thread.  Such a good idea!  And you've got quite a list!

I don't have Prime or HULU, and I think that Netflix content is different in Canada, but I enjoyed these series on Netflix:

Dr. Foster


Virgin River

Really looking forward to seeing other members' recommendations.

Thanks; I've not seen any of these, but I'll look em up! :) 

can I get you guys to give a short description of what the show is about?  (3 or 4 words - ei historical drama, vampires, rom com, vampire historical rom com, etc)


From: Mishii


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said:

vampire historical rom com

I absolutely need to know what's on this list.


Currently on HULU: 

The Good Doctor--autistic doc, amazing show...kinda unrealistically fast growth

New Amsterdam--Doc comes in as chief and completely changes everything and tries to revolutionalize not only the hospital but also health care in general

A Million Little Things--dude kills himself on first episode. The rest of the shows are about his family and friends. It is "a million little things" that make up a friendship

Parenthood (oldie but goodie)--One family (made of smaller families) interact and grow together. Lauren Graham is a star as well as the guy from coach 

Almost Family--a dude runs a fertility facility, but he inseminates the ladies with HIS sperm and is found out.

Grey's Anatomy--everybody knows this one

Mixed-ish--spin off of black ish. A family with white dad and black mom has lived on a commune and moved to real life in the 80s. The kids didn't know mixed was a thing or not part of either group in that's about them learning how to fit in in this world

Find me in Paris--a ballet girl from modern day travels back in time by accident, and her BF is trying to travel back to find her. She must fit in at this time, and learns their's about their struggle to find each other



Fuller House--Full house revisited

Jane the Virgin--hispanic virgin girl gets inseminated by accident and has a baby

Private Practice--spin off of Grey's Anaotmy 

Free Rein--kid's horse show.

Good Witch--a family has's a cute show...I'm not a real fan of magic but it's done well

The Fosters--it's a family drama, but the family parents are two gay moms. It's pro LGBTQ, but if you can look past that, it's a very good show



Different World--was a spinoff of Cosby show with Denise Huxtable as the star.

When Calls the Heart--Jeanette Oke book. It's an old fashioned story set in the wild west. It's homey drama, cozy...heartwarming.

Marvelous Mrs. maisel--gal in the...50's, I think, leaves her bad husband and becomes a comedienne.

Drop Dead Diva--model dies, but wasn't supposed to. She was plucked out too fast, I think, so she pushes the return button and comes back in Jane's body...not a skinny blonde model but an overweight, non stylish lawyer. It was funny and cute and a totally clean dramadie.

In reply toRe: msg 5

Sharon, I don't know why, but I believe if you have not already seen them, you would like these two series from several years ago:



I was hooked on both from Day One.  But they are not for everyone.  (That's why I thought you would enjoy them.)  

I have not had time to keep up with other stuff for several years.  Especially if it's anything on HBO.  (I also binge-watched The Sopranos.  But that's just me.)  

I remember hearing about Six Feet Under.  Not sure if its available on any of my services.  Maybe YouTube ...

I kind of liked Dead Like Me also.  I was surprised, not my typical kind of thing, but the humor and the relationships got me.

Just to add descriptions, Dead like me - young woman dies and becomes a grim reaper, along with a group of other individuals, helping people move from death to the "next thing".

I kind of like the edgier series, rather than the "Hallmark" touchy-feely, all is right with the world things.  

Dead Like Me is perhaps not quite as edgy as Six Feet Under (sometimes quite eye-opening, surprising and even shocking).  Dead Like Me does have those moments, but in general was a little bit more humorous.  But you know that.