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Anyone Heard of or Used?   General Discussion

Started Apr-8 by Judy (DJZMOM); 233 views.

From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Chizimi Shrinking Thread?

I saw this advertised at and thought it sounded interesting.  

"Achieve added texture on your garments, quilts, or any other sewing project with this amazing thread. It sews like regular thread and can be used with a straight stitch or any other decorative stitch such as zig zag or stippling stitch. For the best results, you can use Chizimi thread in the bobbin and the top thread. With the embroidery design, use it as a bobbin thread only. Stitch rows or a checkerboard design on your fabric, turn the fabric to the wrong side, and with the hot iron steam the fabric. The Chizimi thread will shrink 30% leaving behind a beautifully textured effect on your fabric! This thread is washable and it will work best on lightweight fabrics and quilting cottons. Chizimi Thread, 100% polyester, 3300 yard spool. "

Not sure how I would use it for quilting but just curious about a product.



From: judyinohio


If you go to Google and then click on Images you can search for Chizimi thread and see some delicate fabrics that have been stitched with this thread and then steamed so that they "puckered" or "shirred".

Don't know if this product would work on quilting weight fabrics.

I think Kathi Shunn has used that stuff before.  I remember her using it to make one or more bags that she showed at retreat one year.  On second thought, it might not be a thread product but something kind of like interfacing that you stitch on and then shrink.  Either way, it looks interesting and might be fun to play with.