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question regarding fusible interfacing for masks   General Discussion

Started Apr-24 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1120 views.

I'm starting a new topic so it is more visible.  I looked back through the various discussions on this but didn't see a consensus.  I have been making masks with pockets for filter material for heath care workers but now making some for family so wanted to go ahead and put fusible in them.  My local Joanns has curbside pickup but wanted your expertise on which I should get.



From: Pamjr


I've made several for myself and family. I'm older and I have to say it's hard enough for me to breathe through a double layer of fabric. I made the kind that you can put a filter in, but I don't. I made one out of cute flannel and that one was really hard to breathe  through. I think you should make one for yourself and try it, before you make a bunch with the fusible interfacing

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Thanks Pam.  I made a couple and put paper towel in as a filter, it was just a hassle to get it in there, and I know that my sister won't bother.




I am using the same light weight interfacing that i use for t shirt quilts.


From: judyinohio


I agree with Pamjr that some people might not want filters.

If you use batik fabrics you will discover that the finer weaves in those fabrics make a pretty good dense "filter" all on their own. I was surprised at the difference between using batiks and run-of-the-mill cottons.

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


I don't know, my son uses a simple mask he got from work long ago when he goes shopping but he says he has a hard time breathing before his shopping is done. Just saying...

From: judyinohio


I also have a hard time breathing but I think it's because I am a bit claustrophobic.

I have to pull the darned thing down and get some deep breaths of air and then yank it back up ... just can't help myself. The mask is too "stuffy" ...

Sandy gave me a couple of masks, as I am in the middle of moving and did not have any masks, except for the very thin disposable kind you use when cleaning or gardening.  I found that I could breathe much easier with the thin mask covered with the cloth mask, as the thin mask holds the fabric out from my face more.  That seems to make it a little easier to breathe, rather than having the cotton mask clinging to my face.  

I keep woven for t-shirts and that wouldn't add anything, very losely woven.


From: bornblesse2


From everything I have heard and studied, it is the NON woven interfacing that filters out those tiny covid particles.  I know my family members would not mess with Putting in a filter, I am just glad they will take a mask to use when out!  So, mine all have interfacing In them.  
I am not sure that the masks that are just fabric do much more than keep you from touching your face.....(my non science opinion.).  But maybe something is better than nothing?

There is a link to a gal who discussed interfacing.  I will go find it.