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Video chats   Off-Topic Chat

Started May-16 by Pirate (PIRATE_SR); 250 views.
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Do you participate in video chats?  Do you notice that the people you're talking with don't seem to be looking *at you* ... i.e. the web cam?   They're probably looking at your active video image, which is not where your web cam is.   I know that I have been guilty of this.

To make it seem as though you are talking TO the person on the other side of the video camera, YOU need to be looking AT the web cam!   Duh ... such a concept!

One of my daughters recently posted an aid to help her remember to look at the camera .... eyes!   She found a picture of eyes that she scotch taped to the frame of her monitor, below her web cam.   It's easier to remember to look at the eyes and talk.

If you don't want a pair of eyeballs constantly looking at you, put a Post-it note there with the words "LOOK HERE!"  ... that would work, too.  :-)

Here's my eyeballs below my web cam. 

You'll also see that have a paper cup on top of my web cam.  Yep, I'm suspicious that someone/hacker/whoever might hack into my computer and surreptitiously be seeing what's going on.  That probably will never happen but I do know that with the paper cup there, all they're going to be seeing is a white screen.  :-)

But the point is the eyeballs below the web cam help me to remember to look AT the web cam during video chats.  :-)

Thanks for that tip.  I have done some Zoom video conference stuff and I will try to remember that.


From: Mishii


Ridiculous amount of zoom calls on the daily and we all stare at each other's chest just like at a proper business meeting.  Heh.

If I'm looking at the camera, then how can I see what people's houses look like and who is really not remotely paying attention? (Looking at you Meg who was actually LAYING IN THE BED WHILE THE PRESIDENT OF OUR DIVISION WAS SPEAKING!)  I will say that Meg has a lovely antique headboard and James has a nice sunroof in his car though.

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From: latterberry


When DS taught me how to zoom, he told me about this gal who was on a zoom call with several business associates and forgot herself and took her phone into the bathroom with her.  She set it down on the counter and you saw it all.  They were going hysterical.  

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Mishii said:

If I'm looking at the camera, then how can I see what people's houses look like and who is really not remotely paying attention?


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From: bornblesse2


I have been zooming once a week with my sisters.  On one chat my dog would not stop barking at a dog outside.  My sisters could not have a conversation over my dog!  Sigh...l laughed and said just like being here in person...the dog must have his attention time!