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What to write on the label of a comfort quilt   General Discussion

Started Aug-2 by Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto); 307 views.

Well I finally put the last stitch in the t-shirt quilt I made for my exboss who lost his wife. It has been two years and he still has lots of posts on facebook about how much she is missed and his feelings of loss. 

So quilting friends I have no idea what to put on the label of his quilt. Please help!


From: Midkid5


Other than the normal information, something simple like: May you feel a hug from x when you wrap this quilt about you.



From: judyinohio


You made this quilt with the hope that it will bring him warmth and comforting memories of his dear wife.  So something short and sweet is all you need to write on the label.  Here's a short example ... I personally don't think it has to be too wordy.  IMHO you don't need to add dates or place because the man surely has those facts #### in his memory.

"This quilt was created to honor the memory of __________ . 

May the warmth of the quilt always keep her memory fresh for you."

P.S.   I  have no idea why Delphi put hash marks in place of a simple word in my message ....    it was not vulgar or inappropriate. 


From: bornblesse2


I agree with Judy, just keep it simple....

made in memory of ......

may you wrap yourself in this quilt and feel her love and comfort.

made by.....

just something simple.   the quilt will speak for itself!


From: latterberry


Sounds like you have already gotten good advice on what to write--nothing I could add.  Hope you will show us a photo of it.

Judy that sounds good........guess I am trying to overcomplicate things. This is the last step to get this quilt finished and outta here. I got the t-shirts about 2 years ago and just want this project to go live in its new home. I will be working on that label today and get it done and then give him a call so I can figure out when to deliver this to him. Thanks!

Thanks Ellen simple is good! Trying to over complicate it and say just the right thing..........simple is perfect!

latterberry said:

Hope you will show us a photo of it.

Will do!