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Squirels like peanuts   General Discussion

Started Aug-19 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 419 views.

My husband bought a bird feeder that holds peanuts for Blue Jays but while hanging it in our front yard he dropped some.  At one time there were 8 of these silly things running between the trees outside my office window.  I was on a call at the time, it was very distracting.  Both cats were VERY interested (daughter was visiting).  They were moving so fast I could only get 3 in the frame.

They can be really entertaining to watch.


From: latterberry


I bet that was entertaining.  We have tons of squirrels here and they can eat you out of house and home.  Since we moved here 43 years ago, we have always had just the red fluffy squirrels.  For some reason little gray squirrels have come in and chased the red ones out.  The little grays are real cheeky and aren't afraid to get almost right up to you.  Not sure where the reds went.

it was odd how they were all running around at once.  Glad I was looking out the window to catch the show.  I haven't seen them since, but it has been hotter since then.  We have a lovely storm and cold front come through to cool things off on Monday.  We even got to go for a walk - unheard of in Texas in August.

I bought a new set of bird feeders, too (look like 3 balls!) I will be hanging them prob tomorrow!


From: sueinIL


There is a town here in Illinois--Olney, I think--that is noted for albino squirrels.  I have only seen pictures of them, and they're very odd-looking.

Sue in IL


From: judyinohio


While DH and I were students at Kent State in the early 1960s there were grey squirrels on campus that students would share snacks with because the tree rats were so friendly. Then all of a sudden there were black squirrels running around beating up the grey squirrels.  (Rumor had it that the black male squirrels were from Canada and that they were ... ahem ... holding down and emasculating the male grey squirrels but we never saw such behavior ourselves.)

Anyhow, by the time DH and I graduated there were very few grey squirrels to be seen at Kent State.


From: latterberry


Wow, those black ones sound like nasty little creatures.  There are black ones in the next county over so maybe in due time they will chase out our grey ones. A few years ago, I had several grape hyacinths coming up in random p laces in my yard.  My neighbor was disappointed that none of the grape hyacinths she planted never came up.  The little buggers had transplanted them.

Our squirels are the red ones.  When we lived in Santa Fe NM we used to go hiking a lot in the mountains and there they were the small gray ones.  But here only large red ones.  Another story about rats, we have a number of rats/mice in our yard due to my husbands piles of "stuff" in the yard.  And our doberman/lab mix has discovered she is a very good mouser.  Dragging large pieces of lumber around in order to get to the mice, catching them and leaving the bodies on the back porch (ugh).  We have heard the mice running through the gutters on our car port and house, and she has hard them also,  starring at the gutters and running back and forth barking at the roof.  Well last night she did this - two down spouts were destroyed.  I don't know if she caught the mouse or not.  would have loved to have seen her do it, though not happy about the repairs needed.


From: tuckyquilter


We’ve had a squirrel infestation here in our neighborhood. Everybody thought they were cute until they started eating patio furniture, digging up all the potted plants, and in a couple of cases chewed right through the wiring for outdoor patio lights. We’re praying that they don’t get in the attics because they’re worse than rats when it comes to destruction. The more they’re fed, the worse they get.