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P1 T-shirt blog post   Show and Tell

Started Sep-17 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 682 views.

As you may know I have worked at P1 for 15 years (not typing the full name because I don't really want this to show up on a search of the name). 

We filed chapter 11 on 2/17, fully expecting to emerge in a few months and continue for several more years (2022 would have been 60 years - same age as me).  But then the pandemic hit and killed our chances - literally.  In May we announced all stores were liquidating.  The last stores close on 9/23.  The company I work for ceases to exist on 10/9.  An online investor did buy our intellectual property including website and that is still going though not the same company at all - he just paid for the name.  Sour grapes - sorry.  I am continuing to work until Thanksgiving for P1WD - wind down entity - to make the last of the payments and file the final federal filings.  Proves that accountants are needed even when losing money - ha.

Anyway I have been making a number of quilts for many long term coworkers from the corporate shirts we've received for various occasions.  I thought I'd do a blog post of all that I have done over the years, with pictures of the recipients where I could get them.  Very bitter sweet.  I thought I'd share with you guys as well.

I think P1 could have made it, continuing to function as an online business, if it hadn't been for C-19 and it's economic damages.  Lots of brick-and-mortar stores had begun to close even before the pandemic, because so many people were shopping online so much.  But C-19 was the last straw for many employees and many businesses.  I am so sorry for P1 and its employees.  I wish they had been able to continue, at least as an online business.  

(Don't think I told you this yet, but as of 9/30, all the employees in my department at T&K are being laid off permanently.  They are outsourcing everything we used to do to a huge center of some kind in Ohio.  They think they will get the same level of service - or better - for less money.  Most of the younger attorneys are okay with it, but many of the older ones are distressed about getting their work done to their former standards.  It's always about the money.  And they are treating these long-time employees pretty crappy, too - the severance deals are not that great, and there have been firm-wide e-mails gloating about how much better their service is going to be.  Grrrr.  It looks like it was great timing that I just happened to retire at the end of February.  BTW, I'm still typing freelance at home in the morning, making a decent amount to supplement my Social Security.  But this entire economic thing really bites.)  


From: judyinohio


In my opinion you are a hero to create so many similar quilts for your long-time coworkers to treasure as they all "ride off into the sunset" from their long careers at P1.  What stamina, what endurance, what love has gone into creating those quilts for your friends and corporate family you worked with for so long.

You're a brave woman, Dee. clapclapclap

  • Edited September 17, 2020 10:47 am  by  judyinohio

I've said P1 had a compromised immune system or co-morbidity or whatever you want to call it.  We weren't heathy so were at risk.  It was already impacting us when China shut down.  Some of the items you may see at Big Lots or Home Goods with our name on them are items we ordered In November that were never delivered.

Sorry to hear about T&K - at least it's still in the US I guess.  I was talking with a friend whose finance job was moved to India.  She got to train them - fun.  She is now just an analyst - used to be a manager.  Her attitude is she just needs to make it 11 more quarters (4 years) until retirement, every quarter she ticks it off.

I think when this phase is over I'm going to do consulting, I love this working at home and never again want to supervise people.  Give me a short term project and let me quilt in between.  smile

In my long office "career," a few times I was offered a supervisor position.  When I was married a long time ago, my husband would get so mad when I turned down those offers.  He thought it would automatically mean more money (which it usually did not), and I knew I would hate it.  Sometimes at T&K I got it by default, as people came and went.  I was never meant to be a supervisor - just a worker bee.  Just give me a big huge stack of work and let me work.  I hate answering questions (about work) and answering the phone, and staff meetings, evaluations, etc.  Yeah, just give me a project and let me knock it out.  And working from home IS really nice most of the time.  

well maybe not a hero.  But I don't mind doing it where I know it will be appreciated.  Not particularly interesting, but it's still a bit of a puzzle, figuring out how to fit pieces in.  And I'm always refining my methods, trying to speed things up, simplify.  

One lady posted this on the blog.  Dee is so talented and was a great co-worker and work friend during my time at Pier 1. I was truly touched and so surprised to get one of her famous quilts. It is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Dang, here come the tears again. Thank you Dee

Absolutely worth the time spent, no question.  I'll make quilts all day long if I know they will be loved and appreciated that much.

I love the training and mentoring part.  But not the supervising.  And the drama - ack!  I have such a small team now and they are such excellent workers there is no more drama.  Or if there is I don't hear about it.  Everyone is doing such a great job.  And as I joke, there isn't anyone left to argue with me so I get my own way when I want to change something. smile  We've gotten EXTREEMLY flexible since March.

Awww, where is the LIKE button?  Very sweet.  

Yeah, all the drama.  That is something that I certainly do NOT miss.  Argh!  


From: latterberry


Wow!  What lovely quilts!  Do you have any left to make?  I'm impressed with how long  many have been with the company.