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Quilting glove alternative?   General Discussion

Started Oct-5 by Mel Harris (MelHarris1); 210 views.

So I know there are some quilting gloves that people like to use when FMQ-ing. When looking on a site for something else, I found these medical gloves for arthritis, and they have grippies, etc. Thought they might make a good alternative:


From: judyinohio


I suspect that buying machine quilting gloves is sort of like buying a car ... so many choices and so many options and so many reviews to consider.  Those gloves you shared with us look very good for stiff hands indeed but I wonder about fine control for free motion work.  JMHO.

My favorite glove to use (before I bought my longarm) was  Quilters Touch Machingers in the small size. (Fair warning ... they run large and you want them to fit you very snugly.) 

I bought my first pair at a LQS and the shop owner suggested that I should open a package and try them on for size and that's how I learned about going a size smaller than I thought I would need.  (Guess she wanted a happy customer.)

Over the years I wore out two pairs and now have my third pair in the drawer of Cecil Faye. The rubberized (?)  coating on the tips of the fingers does wear out after years of shoving quilts under the needle. And the elastic at the wrists gets tired as well.

But I combined those gloves with a quilting halo from Sharon Schamber and had years of glorious fun with free motion work indeed with my dear old Singer before my shoulders screamed for mercy and I had to buy a longarm machine.

  • Edited October 5, 2020 12:34 pm  by  judyinohio

Mel I don't think those would work, at least the way I use them as I use  my finger tips.  Those don't have any tips.  I know I use the tips (and especially my right hand ) as those are the places the little grippies have worn off.  also my fingers wear through.  kind of amusing instances of using oher things for quilting, the gloves I use for quilting are identical to the gloves we use for handbell choir at church.  And THOSE wear out very fast, always holes picking through the finger tips.

Ah! Well, you can tell I don't machine quilt :) Was worth a try, anyway!