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suggestions for designing round robin   General Discussion

Started Oct-6 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 368 views.

So I'm looking for suggestions on how to design a round robin quilt?  I looked at photos and good golly, there are lots (and lots and lots).  Do I just pick a block and start sewing a round?  I've only done one and that was long before I knew it was a "thing".  I only wanted to do something with the applique, make it bigger.  But there wasn't any plan, I was just adding pieced borders.

I started a board on my Pinterest when I hostesses the nesting Robin. I have no idea how many pins it currently has and I still pin stuff there.  Under my name, go there and maybe you can find some inspiration.

What I will say is that I would add something low contrast for your next round. I love the frame around your center so maybe something sorta like that, followed by a round with a curve vine and some leafy shapes inspired by the center, then follow that with plain border, then another pieced.

I know that you have wonderful design talent and will figure out something really beautiful.

Or.......set it on point and add applique triangles.

sorry, that was confusing.  I'm not adding to the picture I posted - that was just showing the only other time I've done one.  I'm making a round robin of this: probably going to be either 4 squares in the center  (or 2 if I get bored). 

Ok. I thought you were looking for ideas:/

I am. Ideas for the red plaid applique just started

Well my Pinterest is under my first and last name with a space between. I went and looked today and had about 450 pins to my round Robin board.  I have about 50 boards many on quiting and have 692 people that follow me so I guess others like the stuff I pin. When I need inspiration that is where I start.

so many options!  I was strolling through yours & also Eye of the Beholder quilts (the needle turn pattern company) for ideas both for this new quilt and also for ways to finish the needle turn just finished.  I found this one and thought it might make an interesting "not round" robin for the new applique with plaid background.  Put 3 applique on point in a row and fill in the corners with pieced blocks, then start adding rounds.  Wish I was better at Electric Quilt to try and lay this out.