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Does anyone make doll clothes anymore?   General Discussion

Started Nov-4 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 1806 views.

I don't know if Mom and Grandmas make any kind of doll clothes for their GDs anymore.  I think there are a lot of Grams who do "American Girl" clothes and accessories.  But I always save to Pinterest any cute doll clothes ideas I see.  This one is for a cute Barbie Christmas outfit, and it looks pretty simple.  Enjoy!   

Barbie clothes is the reason I learned to sew.  My mom got tired of making them and told me I should learn to sew to make them myself.  So I did.

Yeah, that's one of the first things I sewed too.  I would drool over the fancy outfits in the little Barbie catalog, which were way too expensive at the time to buy very many of them.  So, I started making them.  There used to even be published Barbie clothes patterns, but the pieces were SO *tiny.*  I guess they can probably still be purchased somewhere.  My creations were usually made from little girls' socks - especially the ones with the lace cuffs.  Two slits for the arms, and a ribbon for a belt, and Barbie was good to go.  LOL  

I made a lot of mumus.  basically a poncho with a belt.  My goal was to make the McCalls pattern that my mom had which was a 50's style dress.  I did years later actually make it - lots of little pieces and it was painful - something along these lines as I recall.

Love it!  I also found that there are tons of vintage Barbie patterns available on ebay - for a price, of course.  I'm not in the Barbie clothes making "business" anymore, but they are very cute.  I know that many women still have Barbie collections - I am just not one of them.  Hah!  But cute.  




I am pretty sure you can still get Barbie patterns, I have several, haha, but the pieces are so small, I don't know how people work with them.  My sister still has Barbies and there are people on Etsy and ebay that sell  one of a kind outfits, for pretty pricey sums!

I have thought about making outfits, but i think about doing alot of projects-LOL!!

I don't have time - or patience - for tiny doll clothes - I will be too busy with tiny scraps, and also using up lots of bigger pieces to make family quilts and charity quilts.  But they are very cute to look at the photos of the old Barbie patterns.  

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


OH I tried long ago but the tiny sleeves finally did me in. Went onto larger things. Quilts!

Yeah, me too.  But this little dress doesn't look too challenging.  No sleeves!  My granddaughter just started college, so she would not be interested in Barbie stuff, but I might make one for my sister's little granddaughter, the only girl in the family.  

The best tailored "bespoke" Barbie outfits I have seen in videos were made by MALE designers.  Those outfits were fabulous!  

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


there are some cute designs at that link...

Barbie clothes were the first things I sewed too...a blue skirt, white topped A-line dress...I think I cut the fabric free hand - no pattern... worked...hooked me on sewing!!

My Sis had no patience for sewing so I made outfits for her dolls and stuffed animals...she was more into poetry than sewing...though she would sit and watch me sew...never could get her into sewing...

My parents got both of us sewing machines one year for Christmas - as adults...Mine is the one I have brought to Retreat...Sis let her mother-in-law borrow hers and it disappeared after the MIL passed...dunno who got it... but it didn't find its way back home to Sis...