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Is this cute or WHAT? Pumpkin Pie Pillow   General Discussion

Started Nov-6 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 244 views.

Just when you think there is nothing new in throw pillow design -- OMG, I am not that big a fan of pumpkin pie (it's okay, but pecan is better haha) -- and so many "pumpkin spice" things - meh.  But this is one of the cutest pillows I have ever seen.  Doesn't look too difficult either.  If you are big on decorating for Fall, this would be great.  The cuteness!  The creativity! 

Well, *I* don't want one, but if you know someone who loves pumpkin pie, it would be something new and different to give them.  LOL  


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


I love pumpkin and fortunately so do my guys!  Costco has begun making them again for the holiday season and are soooo reasonable and good!!  This is great!