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Tumbler pattern?   General Discussion

Started Nov-7 by Mel Harris (MelHarris1); 448 views.

Anybody ever try the tumbler pattern? How difficult was it? thinking of doing it scrappy...




Mel, we did one for our raffle quilt at guild, one of the ladies cut the shapes with a critcut, we used a larger tumbler, 5 inches I think, and we cut strips to go thru the cutter, but treated them with starch before doing that.  That helped putting the blocks together...a lot!  We did scrappy also, but were doing black and orange, and after carefully laying them out to make sure there were none of the same up against each other, we ended up with rows that had some that ended yo next to each other-LOL.  Didn't help that two of us were putting together rows, but we thought we had them laid out correctly. Oh well it worked.

Do I have a picture....probably....can I find it....probably not!!

I don't really want to do it again, and I wouldn't use smaller blocks, but that is me!!  Good luck!!  The starching before cutting was amazing tho!!!

Thanks! I was wondering since there were bias edges and such :) 


From: GingerbreadG



   I actually have a box with my tumblers in it that I'd forgotten about!  I was doing it all by hand.  It was a great take along project!  I did smaller tumblers (maybe 3"?)  It is totally scrappy...I swapped scraps with friends or they gave me some pieces they weren't going to use.  The only plan I had was to be sure there was some contrast between the tumblers as I sewed them.   If you're doing it by hand I'd strongly recommend drawing the sewing lines on them before you'll be sewing them.  I have a small board with sand paper glued down on it.  It hold the fabric down while I mark it! I may have to dig THAT out too!! 




From: tuckyquilter


I have used Bonnie Hunter's FREE pattern for several Tumbler quilts. I made them as the Leader/Ender challenge that year.  It worked really well.  and it's free.  Of course I'm sure there are many others as well.

I'm still working with them as I made a ca-billion or so it seemed.

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From: Mishii


Tumbler quilts are easy and can get mind numbingly boring.  Great leader/ender project!