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anyone else doing the BOM Color My World   General Discussion

Started Jan-1 by shout4joy (kjlamp5); 1217 views.

I really like the whimsy of Color My World - The Quilt Show's BOM for 2021. I am using my own fabrics (might just get through some more stash) and bought a background when a LQS had a VERY good sale ...

Wondering if anyone else is going to attempt it?


that looks fun.  I just ran across this one - similar idea.  I was looking for patterns with circles to use the new circle templates I got for Christmas.   I do love houses.  My very 1st quilt was a house quilt and I've thought about doing another for years but never have jump in.  Maybe this year.


From: bornblesse2


I have seen that!  I thought it was cute!

the same designer! I am liking her designs ... ! 

when I was searching for her pattern I kept finding a company that is making "blankets" for $40 with her design.  Really?  makes me sad, you know they aren't paying her anything if they are selling some printed knock off of her design on a "blanket".  shaking my head.

Here is another cute "house" pattern - my kinda town by Laura Heine 

I really like that one. Kinda improv.............might be fun to work on a house improv project. I love things that are design as you go.

One of the ladies in the Texas quilters group in FB I joined is a professional LM quilter - she posted it.  It was done by a client - I went to the pattern and honestly I like this version better than the actual pattern.  I think the colors.

the designer is out of Australia ... bummer that someone is doing the blanket knock-off thing with her designs.

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Talk about a forever project!  

This was a Block of the Day in 2016.  If you like little houses and other "town and country" things.  The pattern is still available, but kinda pricey ($75.)