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opinion on remodeling bathroom   Off-Topic Chat

Started Jan-7 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 362 views.

We are thinking of perhaps selling our house and building a retirement house further out in the country.  So looking to finish up some remodeling 1st.  I'm curious what you folks think.  Our old master bath we removed the old floral wallpaper but never retextured/painted.  And the shower tile needs repair (very small small 30x30).  I was all set to start a full remodel/upgrade by removing the original garden tub and making handicap accessible toilet & shower.  But then DH has decided he wants us to really consider moving......and I'm not sure that we'd get our money back since this is the "guest bath" and not the master.  Should we just texture, repair the tile and paint - leave the remodel to the next owners?    Wish I knew a local realtor... Any suggestions?

This is not a difinitive answer but I have heard that you want to be careful to remodel something the way YOU like it because it may not be what the next person might like. If it were me I would just to the texture, repair and paint so it looks nice and finished. 

Kinda awful that we always fix things up for the next owner and not for ourselves............that is me included. We are going to be putting our Socorro house down by New Mexico Tech on the market this Spring and will likely sell as a fixer upper. It is a great house for college students and we got it so it would be a place for our daughter to live and give her an income from the other renters. It was under forclosure so we got it extremely cheap and will for sure make money on a regular resale.......and there were a few improvements made since we got it.


From: Mishii


Don't upgrade anything if you are going to sell in the next few years.  Just paint it and make it pretty.  And generic.  People like generic.


From: tuckyquilter


Price the home and state that the "low" price includes adjustments for the new owners making their "own" improvements.  

That way they can do what they want, unless you do the very MOST basic repairs/upgrades you can get away with.  It's a seller's market out here.  Houses are getting in bidding wars and folks are getting over asking price, with or without upgrades.

Well I'm not sure what we're going to do now.  I am going to talk to our contractor guy and get a price for a basic remodel (no cabinets, just removing tub & new tile.)  I don't think we'll lose money on it as long as I keep it basic.  As Miishi says, make it pretty.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


I agree with Ami.  Just do what needs to be done to make your home look cared for.  People usually want to make it "their own" anyway.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said...

you want to be careful to remodel something the way YOU like it because it may not be what the next person might like

I completely agree!!  We inherited two modest rental houses from my DFIL's estate.  We just finished refurbing the first rental.  The selections our realtor/designer (and also a friend for >20 years) were spot on and completely done with the mindset for creating a house that would sell quickly and for top dollar.  Oh my!  DH and I went out to the rental with the checkbook to pay contractor/workers and for invoices from that week. As we saw the progress each Friday afternoon some were things we never would have selected.  How boring is grey, white and black and brushed platinum!?!  I was dying to have SOME color or different shape somewhere!  Noooo...  "they" want plain, simple lines and rectangles.  That's it.  Hooooowwwww booooorrrrring!!!  Lucy and her contractor reminded us these were the things younger buyers, often professionals in Silicon Valley CA and often with not DIY skills looked for.  When DH and I left each week we had to remind each other we were redoing this older home to sell for a good price and NOT for us to live in! 

I was gobsmacked when I called out the trim for the door frames and they were butted up to each other like in a quilt.  Left and right door trim was put on first to the height of the opening and then the top piece was just laid across straight.  Both DH and I grew up in homes (and had painted!) neatly mitered corners formed from the side and top trim pieces.  When I asked when those would be cut the Contractor said they are done!  That's what they want.  Clean lines and rectangles.  Gag me with a trim piece!  At least they didn't look so bad to my eye after the joints were filled and painted.  

Moral of this long post on selling a home...  don't remodel to your desires but to a potential buyer!