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Withdraw - social media cold turkey   General Discussion

Started Jan-13 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1044 views.

I have increasingly become aware that FB was making me miserable and upset on a regular basis - disrupting my sleep, anxiety, nightmares, etc.  Pretty much ever since I started working from home, but despite that I was addicted to checking it even when I knew it would make me unhappy.  I tried hiding things, ignoring others, snoozing many, scrolling past or only looking at quilting groups.  But always seemed to get caught.  And then FB jumps in and starts suggesting things - really?  Their algorithm sucks, unless the intent was to make me upset (probably). 

So after being called a Nazi by a high school friend 2 nights ago and not being able to sleep thinking of all the good arguments to convince her (like that would matter) I decided to quit cold turkey.  I have logged out and uninstalled on all my devices. 

But wow, I did not realize exactly how addicted I had become.  I bet I started to click over at least a dozen times yesterday.

In case you were wondering why I've been here so much lately grinning  sigh.  I need someone to talk to - Ranger and the dogs don't talk back to me very often.


From: judyinohio



I am very, very pleased to read that you are kicking a destructive habit.

Since I quit cigarettes cold turkey on February 13, 2004, I know that you will have rough days ahead but you know what's good for you.  I'm sure that you will find ways to cope.

Confession time  here:  I joined FaceBook under a false name a few years ago but only so I could follow a polymer clay class. (And now that I am no longer working with clay that is kaput.) Now I need to belong so DH can read a Deck House Owners group which he enjoys reading about once a week.

We are not exactly high-octane users and have not fallen into the traps that you write about. I guess we are too old. wink

Best wishes to you .....

hmm, another ID might be an option - think I will miss the applique quilt group but want to give it a couple of weeks.  I have one friend who has multiple IDs under his cat's names.  And one of DD's best friends has a completely false identity - he doesn't want any potential employer to ever be able to search his name.  though if "Big Brother" really wanted to know, I'm sure they could tie it back to the real person.  ah the times we live in.  I'm feeling very nostalgic for 2019.

Dee I saw your last post and I totally get it. I too have been considering pulling the plug. Social media is not a safe place. It is just numbing how things just keep coming at us it seems daily and my mind is reeling. So if you ever just want an old fashioned conversation you know my number. 


From: judyinohio


Dee, I used my mother's first name and her mother's maiden name if you need inspiration for your choices.  stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes  Mine were both super-duper hand quilters who made everything by hand and they were also the best bakers I ever knew.  Virtual domestic goddesses. bouquet

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Dee, I noticed that FB was just upsetting me also.  I don't go there anymore.  People don't want a conversation about issues.  They just want to express their views and call anyone who disagrees names.  I just don't need it.  There are enough things in life that are upsetting w/o asking for it by going to FB or any other site like that.  It's all about controlling the narrative anyway.  Glad you were able to do it cold turkey.  Hang in there.  We are happy to see more of you here.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


I hear ya, Dee.  I commiserate thoroughly.

I am very saddened to hear of the unpleasant event with your high school classmate.  Honestly .. that is just uncalled for.

After 2016, I unfriended quite a number of people who were simply thoroughly vitriolic in their postings.  Like you, I could feel myself becoming very angry when reading MY FB feed.  What sort of nonsense is that?  What I left were people who didn't post so much, people who were rational and measured in their postings (not ranting for any particular POV),  people who (in my opinion) actually were FB friends and then all of my craft groups.  My FB feed immediately calmed down.  The downside is that it's an echo chamber, which isn't always a good, productive thing.

I started thinking about what EXACTLY do I use FB for?  Honestly, it's not for connecting up with people.   Although that has been very nice and I do appreciate the contact, it's the craft groups that I really look forward to.  I like seeing the projects that others have done, the eye-candy for inspiration, and the tips/hints/techniques that the members talk about.  There is one group ... learning how to use the various aspects of Photoshop Elements for digital scrapbooking .. that is especially valuable for me.  I would hate to lose that resource.

For a while last year, I removed FB from my phone home screen.  I had found myself CONSTANTLY checking what was being posted whenever I had some down time.  I realized this was addictive behaviour .. for no good purpose at all.   I did leave FB on my desktop because I really do get good benefit from the groups I belong to.  Eventually, I did put FB back on the home screen but the addictive behaviour had been altered.

For the most part, this has worked out well.  I don't have nasty people on *MY* FB feed.  I don't need them, whoever they are. 

Bottom line: I completely understand your situation.  You need to do what is best *for you*.  And you know that we are always here for chatter ... as well as PMs.  :-)





I too, like the quilting groups and sewing machine groups.  I get alot of good ideas for fixing my machines and quilt ideas. I just scroll past the stupid stuff, but i could see where you could become very upset!  Up side, you can talk here more!  We will try to keep you entertained as you cold turkey FB!




I never put FB on my phone, just the home computer.  I usually check it two or three times a day, but mostly scroll past the political stuff.   But I love seeing the quilt eye candy and wool stuff!

always entertaining smile

I was trying to scroll past but I guess I just don't have enough will power.