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Sharing an email   General Discussion

Started Jan-20 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 895 views.

I have been watching youtube videos of quilting lately including Becky Goldsmith's weekly "timeout" videos.  It got me thinking she might like to see my red plaid quilt that uses her Aunt Millie's garden blocks in the center.  So I emailed her and got a lovely reply right away.  A nice lady.

Hi Dee,
Thank you so much for writing—you brightened my day! It makes me happy to know that what I publish and post is useful information :-).
And I love your quilt, the setting for the applique blocks is perfect. Well done! I haven’t worked in that colorway in a long time and now I miss it. 
I will post your quilt and the story with it in a few days. I know other quilters will enjoy seeing it. Continue to share your quilts with me… they make me smile right along with you!
Happy stitching,

Becky Goldsmith
author - teacher - designer
Piece O'Cake
On Jan 19, 2021, at 4:35 PM, Dee Bradford <> wrote:
Hi Becky, 
I have been enjoying your videos on YouTube and wanted to reach out.  I had purchased and learned much from your & Linda's CD Hand-Applique the Piece O'Cake way (gosh from 2005).  But I only recently found you on YouTube and have been enjoying refreshing my skills and learning some new ones.  
I have had the Aunt Millie's garden pattern on my shelf for years but honestly was a bit intimidated.  I've done a moderate amount of needle turn over the years but never pushed myself to tackle something as complex.  Fast forward to this summer, I "inherited" a stack of lovely red/pink homespuns - very different from my usual bright & black colors.  They looked so pretty sitting together on my cutting table I decided to make a quilt for my daughter (who loves red) featuring some applique mixed with pieced blocks, sort of in a round robin format.  So I pulled out Aunt Millies garden, picked several of those blocks and then the fun started.  I had such a wonderful time.  I followed your method almost completely - though I admit I only auditioned one block at a time.  I really didn't know where I was going when I started, how many blocks, how large, etc.  It was a fun journey and I enjoyed the applique so much.  I wanted to thank you for your great teaching and wonderful videos and patterns.  We are out here watching.  And smiling along with you.
Dee Bradford
Aledo, TX

Well, isn't that nice?

Her work is so precise.  I have been watching Becky and Linda ever since way back when they used to appear on "Simply Quilts" on HGTV.  I remember seeing them demonstrate their applique method on this Christmas quilt back then. 

I bought one or two of their books.  Their applique patterns are so cute.     

I think I saw the same video, I remember being amazed when they showed how to applique a tiny piece, maybe Santa's beard?  I loved Simply quilts, DH had recorded a bunch of them for me on VHS.  I was sad when they stopped making them.

I also have several old VHS tapes with Simply Quilts, The Carol Duvall Show, and some other sewing programs.  Wondering if I can get them saved on some flash drives and then get digital videos of some parts.  (There are a lot of duplicates, because I used to tape it while I was at work, and it was on in the morning and the afternoon.  (I think they showed each episode in the afternoon, then again the next morning.)  

I would have to get some video editing software, hmmm, wonder what the learning curve would be on that?  ha)


Yes, I think it was Santa's little moustache, which was separate from the beard part.  

I just looked there are a few episodes on youtube.


From: bornblesse2


That is so fun Dee!  Glad you shared with her. As a teacher, I know I always like when students think to come back to show me completed quilt tops!

that's what got me to thinking.  When I was searching the pattern for examples all of what I found were pretty much copies of the original.  I thought she might like to see something different done with her pattern.  And on her recent weekly videos she keeps saying things like hope you are out there.    I thought she might like to know at least one person in N. Texas was smiling along with her.