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quilted clock ideas   General Discussion

Started Mar-4 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 267 views.

well amazing what you can find when you go looking

lots of ideas for quilted clocks

I like the quilting on this one & the red frame but the fact that the blades don't correspond to the hours would bother me

This is pretty fun - this came up my search for quilted clock - she called is dandelion clock but it isn't a clock (?).  Love the bright colors of course.

found several that are based on the houses theme - this one she appliqued clock faces on each blade


and this one would be very dramatic.  I've thought several times of doing one of these circular checkerboards but didn't want a large quiltr - a small clock however might be do-able - though again I'd want the wedges to match the 12 hours. hmmmm


From: judyinohio


Dee, those of us who grew up in the midwest called the seedhead of a dandelion a "clock" as explained in this:

Dandelion clocks objects of great natural beauty

Dandelion clocks are objects of great natural beauty, design and perfection

There are lots of Dandelion clocks around at present and they are objects of great natural beauty, design and perfection.

The first attractive quality of the Dandelion clock is its down-soft, puffy, see-through roundness, its near-perfect spherical shape. If the ball-shaped head doesn't fall apart when you break off its supporting stem, it's worth picking a clock and examining its structure more closely.

The clock is, of course, the reproductive seed-head that develops from the familiar yellow flower. If you blow gently the clock fractures and reveals its component parts. The round head is composed entirely of the plant's fruits each borne at the end of a stalk topped with a feathery parachute.

Each dark, cylindrical fruit is long and narrow like a tiny cucumber and is inserted into the swollen top of the stem that formerly bore the flower.

When the seed-head is ripe a gentle breeze is all that is needed to toss the stem and tug the fruit free from its base. Once free, the fruit is borne aloft by the breeze and floats away on its feathery appendage before its weight parachutes it to the ground.

The biological advantage of the Dandelion clock is that it uses the wind to disperse the plant's seeds far and wide away from parent plant. The great abundance of Dandelions is testimony to the effectiveness of the dispersal mechanism.

The seed -head is known as a 'clock' because, in the past, children blew at the fluffy head and imagined they were telling the time by counting how many puffs it took to blow all the fruits away. Each puff was equivalent to one hour. Needless to say, the erstwhile technique wasn't as accurate as a modern-day mobile 'phone but it was probably more innocent fun.

hehe, thanks for the input.  I do like that star on the sweatshirt.  Not sure how you'd piece that, probably I'd do it as paper piecing.


From: judyinohio


I was having a good time on Etsy today ... found a fusible color wheel pattern ... and so I could not resist messing around with your idea on Etsy.

My hands might be pretty well shot for "real quilting" these days but I am going to give fusing a whirl.

Could this twelve-pointed star for a clock background be a fusible project? Have you ever played with Pellon 805 "wonder under"?

Fusible. Great idea. I have some wonder under left from a fused nativity I made my dad. Gosh 12 years ago, wow where did the time go. Will need to test it to make sure still good. I enjoyed doing it, like paper dolls

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


Oh my goodness, it looks like it has a Dandelion mustache! very pretty.

From: judyinohio


Hmmmm .... I would just buy new fusible and not mess with the old stuff. I always wish Pellon would date the bolts so you knew the "shelf life" of their fusibles.

But with fusible the project would come out very flat with no bulky seam allowances.