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Do You Have an Heirloom Quilt From a Long-Gone Family Member?   Quilting Swaps - Unsewn

Started 3/23/21 by judyinohio; 3284 views.

From: latterberry


Excellent idea for documenting her lovely quit block. 

Your framed block is a very cool heirloom.

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From: judyinohio


Here I am again with the last two of my "stash" from my maternal grandmother. This one and the applique one that follows, are, to my eyes, kit quilts that she enjoyed making in her "old age". (Not "old" by our modern standards but she was in her sixties when she made these and that was "old" in those days.)

The fabrics in this quilt are harsh to my eyes and are not pleasant in terms of contrast. That's why I think this quilt was made from a kit she might have ordered from a ladies' magazine.

My mother told me that her mother was amazing with her skill at dressmaking. She could look at a picture of a lady's dress in a magazine and could take a piece of gabardine yardage, cut out the pieces for the dress and stitch it up into a dress for my mother. So this "eye" for working with clothing meant she might have had an "eye" for color as well and that's why I think this quilt was made from a purchased kit where she didn't have much choice.

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From: judyinohio


This is the last quilt that my grandmother worked on and she was determined to finish it but she was only about half way through when she died of liver cancer. My mother brought the parts home from Indiana and sobbed over it while she worked on it. I was sixteen and reasonably good with embroidery skills but (as you might guess) my offers to help were rejected. My mother took a long, long time to finish this quilt in 1957 and never used it on a bed.

All of the quilts in this house inspired DH to make quilt ladders one year for all of the women who worked in our office. These ladders have mortise and tenon construction with pegs in the tenons and so "collapse" easily for gift wrapping and transport.  The women certainly were puzzled by the packages under our tree that year and then they were absolutely thrilled when they saw what the gifts were, particularly since I had made each one of them a "Mile a Minute" quilt.  That was an exciting year for them ... they got TWO gifts!!!   LOL


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


thank you for sharing your quilts with us Judy.  What a wonderful but sad memory of your mother working on the yellow flower quilt.  Is it possible that the colors faded on the 1st one?  I do like that sashing, simple but interesting, looks like a twisting ribbon - or even a duck relaxed.  


From: judyinohio


The quilt looks totally unused, like she finished it, didn't like it and put it away. That quilt is dated 1953 so I don't know what source a small town Indiana housewife would have had for buying quilt kits ... ladies magazines, Montgomery Wards or Sears Roebuck catalog?  Anybody here big on that part of quilting history?

Those staggered half hexies do look like ducks, don't they? wink  The colors in the pieced blocks are just awful, though.

At first glance, that "twisting ribbon" or "duck" border looks like it would be easy to replicate, using a half-hexie template.  

I really *like* those colors in the blocks.  (The lavender fabric, not so much.)  The quilt looks very Spring-y.  It looks like something that might be made today - no kit needed, really.  Kinda reminds me of an Eleanor Burns quilt.    

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I have some photos of an heirloom quilt I will share in a little while.  Trying to get the photos I just took in some reasonable order.  

Just love the applique quilt you showed! I am the first in my family to quilt. My parents immigrated to America in 1959 and all their relatives did other needlework which was stunning but I never got any. I do have a quilt top from DH aunt made of double knit and all sorts of other fabrics. I was given her stash after she passed because none of the cousins were quilters.