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Christmas table topper remade   Show and Tell

Started Aug-2 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1548 views.

BEFORE.  The original made in 1984.  I made this very quickly because I hated the tacky synthetic skirts at the store, so I stitched this with no quilting (long before I thought about quilting).  It had since shrunk terribly and looked very sloppy - I hated it every time I pulled out out.  But my daughter wouldn't let me toss it.  I thought about trying to quilt it but it was too distorted, so I cut it up instead.

AFTER  - I like it much better.  I was able to reuse the  cotton batting, splicing in a circle in the middle.  The original fabric was a good fabric from Northcott -- interesting, no idea where I got it, I'm guessing from a lovely fabric shop in Denton TX that has long since closed.  Definitely not JoAnn, even back then.  I used ruler work and hooked feathers for the quilting - good practice for me.  I kind of wish I had made it a bit larger so the points would fold down over the edge of the table.  It was difficult to tell exactly how large it was going to be when finished.  But there will be a Santa Village music box in the center that will hold it in place.  Tradition - my DD likes me to decorate the same way pretty much every year - that Santa village isn't going anywhere until she has her own house and I can give it to her - it is a wreck but she loves it.

Pattern was from  I watch a video on youtube - but it didn't mention was a pain the edge was going to be.  I didn't want to miter all 20 outside and 20 inside corners, so I did a facing instead.


From: judyinohio


Very, very handsome table topper.

(I could suggest attaching heavy jingle bells on the points to make them droop but then Ranger would start to play with them and he'd wind up pulling the topper on to the floor .... )

thanks - Hmm, that's an idea about the bells.  I tried kind of pressing them down by hand a bit, but not sure if they'll stay.  Will see how it goes when it's time to decorate.

Maybe you could use drapery weights on the points.  Do you have some scraps left over from the back, to make little "pockets" for them?  

Actually I used triangles for the facing on the back, making a kibd of pocket.  They are stitched down but it would not be too hard to slip something in.


From: latterberry


Wow!  What a transformation.  It turned out beautiful.  I have a daughter like yours that really likes tradition.  Even family dinners need to have the right salad in the right bowl.   She has her own place and has been getting these items slowly over time.


From: judyinohio


Drapery weights are an excellent idea. I have my mom's old lead weights from ages ago around here somewhere but I don't think that I have enough to send to Dee.

And knowing government regulations, I'll bet new weights are not made of lead any more ...

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


I am amaze what you can do with something old and make it new again. A nice table topper.


From: MelRN


Very nicely done, Dee!