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Lining a Small "Swoopy" Woven Basket   Off-Topic Chat

Started Aug-19 by judyinohio; 172 views.

From: judyinohio


Taking some time away from tearing papers off the back of my red and neutrals quilt to give my fingers a break. I'm clearing stuff off the shelves in our basement, throwing stuff away. Opened one box and found some very old acrylic and orlon yarns (ick .. get rid of those!) but I want to keep this little triangular basket.  One skein of yard has a K mart price tag - $2.67

But I want to line the basket and, of course, being contrary Judy, I don't see an easy route to make a liner for a triangular shaped basket with sides that swoop and dip unless I use something like very heavy felt and Gorilla glue.

I just think it would be fun to use this basket for toasted bagel halves or fresh baked rolls, something that would be best served in a lined basket.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


well...if it were  'me' doing the lining, I would start with a piece of fabric that is quite a bit larger than the basket.  Drape it over the basket and push down to get it to the bottom of the basket. Find some way of anchoring the fabric to the top of the basket like maybe bulldog clips or maybe clothespins or if none of those work, just  T- pins thru the basket weave should work.  Then form pleats to fit the liner to the basket and pin. You can either sew these pleats down, or glue them down...depending on if you want to be able to remove the liner or not. Once the pleats are done, fold over the top edge - you can glue it to the inner part of the basket... or if you want to be able to remove it, make a casing by folding it over the top edge - measure down an inch or two and either thread elastic thru (depends on what size elastic you have), or drawstrings...


From: judyinohio


Thanks, Suze.  I will sleep on your instructions and try to erase any idea of sewing a circular  bottomed bag kind of  thing for this weird basket ....

I really like your idea of a solid hunk of fabric and I appreciate your way of thinking. grinning