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I couldn't resist being a trouble maker   General Discussion

Started Sep-1 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 497 views.

I am thinking about going to Houston with a local sewing buddy and her guild friends.  I wasn't going to go, thinking it would be exceptionally packed because of missing last year.  But she is of the opinion it will be pretty empty because of the restrictions recently imposed (masks and possible requirement to show either a negative test  within 72 hours  or proof of vaccine). 

I was curious what the Texas locals thought would be the attendance would be compared to normal years so I posted on FB in a Texas quilters group.  There have been smack downs from the admin previously there when topics veered away from quilting and I knew this was risky, getting close to touchy ground. But the admin did approve my question.  And I have to say I was pretty pleased that everyone that answered stuck to answering my question and not starting on rants.  Though one person did remind that admins were watching.  What I thought was a bit odd was that the admin turned off comments after only 14.  Guess she figured that was enough.  Or maybe there were debates starting and she deleted them.  At least she didn't ban me.  blush

back to the actual question, one person commented she made reservations LAST WEEK at the hotel inside the convention center.  That tells me that either people from out of town are waiting until the last minute to make reservations or else aren't coming.  I'm taking that as an indication that it won't be as crowded.   A couple of others posted that they knew of vendors that were staying away - and honestly that wouldn't be terrible either - less temptation.

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


well ,we just passed a law that says people can carry firearms without a permit, so all I can say is have fun!! Getting weird here.

From: Mishii


I’ve never been. Meant to go last year, but, yeah. We figured we would drive up for the day. It will be my first quilt show ever!  What’s the best day to go if you only pick one?

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I am butting in to give my answer.  Go on the first WEEKDAY that you can go.  Saturday is usually the busiest day, and Sunday everyone is pooped and starting to pack up, and the vendors may not have as much to select from.  However, this year is a crap shoot with regard to how busy it will be on any given day, because who knows how people will decide whether to attend, or when?

There are always SO many vendors that if a few of them stay away, you won't likely miss them.  Like Dee said, they're too tempting anyway.  LOL  I've only been ONE time, and it was several years ago, but I still remember how crowded it was, and how slow the foot traffic moved, and how it seemed like there were hundreds of those scooter things.  (I think the venue had scooters for rent.)  

And you can't even imagine how huge that convention center is!  

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Definitely not saturday, so crowded you can hardly walk. The vendors are the worst, so I go there 1st thing, then to the quilts when I get tired of the crowds. They are spaced out more so usually there is not a crowd except around the winners. They frequently have the artist talking which is fun, you can ask them questions about their quilts.  Wear the best shoes you can, walking and standing on concrete is a beating and there are nit many chairs for seating and the few there are get fuller as the day wears on.

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viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


Four years ago I went to the Houston Quilt Show.We were their four days.That convention building is four football length long. By the fouth day my leg's hurt.It was busy everyday.But now with the Covn's it problem is not to busy.


From: judyinohio


DH and I have a close friend who lives in a Houston suburb and years ago he used to send us newspaper clippings about the quilt show; it was always rated as the largest convention held in the city. He always claimed that if we flew to Texas he would arrange for me to get to the show and then he and DH could have a good time together.

Somehow the idea of being packed into a convention hall with thousands of quilters never appealed to me ...

I don't relish the crowds either.  But it is kind of like a shop hop all in one place and that is fun.  I tend not to bother much with the fabric, no desire to stand in line for cutting unless it's just amazing (glow in the dark dinosaurs for example).  But there are always lots of FQs.  And I always get lots and lots of ideas.  And it is wonderful to see so many amazing quilts up close.  I enjoy talking to the artists.  One year there was a young woman who had made a quilt that was a mandala style made from appliqued dots.  She had also made a dress and we had a fun chat about how she got addicted to making all those circles.  I also talked with the designer who owns Eye of the Beholder - I've made two of her patterns.  It is just like any large quilt show, just on steroids.

For me it is gadgets and rulers. I just love seeing all the vendors in one place and the amazing variety of different things. The fabric is fun as well. I would love to go. I entered a quilt this year but it was rejected and the letter said they had way more entries than they have ever had so more to choose from, bet the show will be over the top.

Honestly I'm betting it's pretty crowded, just because of the pent up demand.  And because you know we are crazy in Texas.....  stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes