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Denise Ware quilts   Show and Tell

Started 9/26/21 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 3035 views.

From: bornblesse2


I don’t know if any of the VOS quilters will see this message….

I have one last quilt for Denise’s family ready for quilting.  It is the signature blocks we sent to her after she lost her foot.  An X block in many colors, but most red and purple!

anyone willing to help me out?  Thanks….

my goal is to get the last quilts delivered at retreat time!  As they left for CA after Christmas.


ellen, if no one local volunteers, I'd be happy to do it.  let me know

I got the red, black and white quilt quilted and the binding done. Need to get the boots loaded. Is it OK to bring with me to retreat?


From: bornblesse2


Yes Ami, the last of the quilts will be given at retreat.

if you want someone to bind the boot quilt at retreat, we should arrange that before retreat.  I have always had people who would do that!


From: bornblesse2


I know Carrie if full thru Feb.  

Cathy no longer has a machine. KAthi bought it, but she just moved here and got Covid.  Doubt she even has her machine up.

Linda Puttman I haven’t heard from.  

I might see if I can do it at a friends house, or just pay her to do it. It’s about 60 x 74 ish…..

Sounds good. I will get it bound. I did the 1st one in the car on the way to New Mexico

let me know.  I don't mind but I know postage can get expensive.


From: keddykat75


I don’t have the machine anymore. I sold it before we moved. I hope you find someone to quilt the quilt. 

In reply toRe: msg 31

From: bornblesse2


Thanks to ALL of you near and far who quilted, pieced, or did binding to help with all the quilts that have now been delivered to Denise’s family!  It was a lot of work, but it is appreciated by Denise’s family!  And I swear I heard Denise’s one legged stomping over my head this morning at 6:45 telling me - all is well now. ( but geeze Denise, I didn’t need to be disturbed so early!)

And, Especially for Patti and Sharon who were asking!

we completed 12 quilts for the family!  
Two that just needed binding.  They were done quickly. Six that just needed quilting and binding.  The last 4 took longer and required more work completing the top before they could be quilted.

Thanks to everyone who did small and large parts in helping ME complete this task!  Once again, proving quilters are truely the BEST friends EVER!

and while I enjoy being part of several quilting groups….THIS group will FOREVER hold the most precious spot and be treasured more than you all can ever know!  And I know Denise sends you the same love and hugs,  even if she often shared her gravely, husky, barking voice that could scare you if you didn’t know her!

(as was often shared at her memorial time!

if anyone got pictures of the quilts being presented, can yo7 share them?

we have one baby top off to be quilted, and one last quilt top to jumble together later this year…..HUGS to the rest of you who took up completed blocks and her ufos to do something with!

i hope as you remember our Dear Denise and do something with these that you will share them on this forum!