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Gonna Try an "Only One" Quilt Project   General Discussion

Started 10/17/21 by judyinohio; 6892 views.

From: judyinohio


If your street address still starts with 924 and your Zip Code is still 32825 then I will make an address label for the box and get it ready to ship on Monday morning. If your address has changed over the years, let me know through the Private Message system here on Delphi.

The pattern instructions are inside the box plus two extra yards I purchased to make a solid border to frame this "masterpiece" once I had the blocks all put into a quilt top.

I just found that the colors were not ringing my chimes.

You know me, Mary ... I am not that fond of fabrics with a lot of green. LOL


From: judyinohio


It's good to know you are still hanging around, Mary. I've wondered where you were.

As for posting photos .... use the little icon that is fifth from the right above the message box where you are typing your message for the forum. Click on the icon that kind of looks like a scenic picture and a drop-down message will say "From my computer" and "From the web".

Before I click on the icon I make sure to drag one of my photos that I want to share with everybody from one of my emails or from my "photos" on to my desktop. Then when I click "From my computer" I find the photo of my quilt on my desktop and click on that and whee! it is in my message.

Of course, I am using an iMac and it might not work that way if you are using another kind of computer.


From: Mishii


I’ll take them if no one has spoken up yet. I need a Christmas quilt


From: judyinohio


Sorry, Mishii, Mary in Florida spoke up first.

She's a sly one .... grabbed one of my big green monsters years ago. This one will be easier to ship.

3carats (MaryDinFL)

From: 3carats (MaryDinFL)


We moved into this house on Halloween in 1969 so our address is the same for the past 52 years. Thank you for sending me your castoffs. I also did the Storm At Sea wall hanging and made a Double Wedding  Ring for my brothers 50th anniversary. I really want to make one for myself some time.

I have always had a Mac and DH gave me an Apple Watch for my birthday in June. I think I clicked on the paperclip when I tried to add a photo. I'll try again when I get the pictures off my phone.

Mary in Florida


From: latterberry


I am so sorry that quilt just didn't make it for you.  That was a lot of work you went through to end up not liking it.  I made one on that order years ago and it was fun to see how each block would turn out, but then laying the blocks out pleasingly was a challenge so I understand. I'm glad you quickly found a new home for it!


From: judyinohio


This is the second time Mary has rescued me and I learned a lesson with this project.

The color scheme in the fabric just was not "dynamic" enough to ring my chimes. If the color contrasts had been brighter or bolder or "zippier" I might have hung in there and been willing to play around longer with the little blocks but they just annoyed the dickens out of me very quickly.

Pretty soon I was like a little kid having a temper tantrum with the blocks and I just couldn't find a layout idea that suited me.  




I've been searching online for another project and I think I've found it. I've ordered the pattern and I'll let you know once the pattern arrives and I've studied it carefully.

I'm also going to check out my tub of "Kits" on a shelf in the closet in my sewing room.

  • Edited November 8, 2021 11:52 am  by  judyinohio
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


There's no rule to say that your One Block Wonder quilt has to ONLY be kaleidoscope blocks. 

Using the same colors for continuity, think about putting in some plain blocks, HST blocks, pinwheel blocks, etc to transition from one kaleidoscope area to another.   You have a *large* area to fill in!

Or sashing, cornerstones, etc. - or other settings.  I have seen some beautiful "OBW" and 4-patch posey quilts with sashing and cornerstones.  Gives the eye many places to rest, if the blocks all touching each other is too jarring.  I love to Google for images of those and marvel over the eye candy!


Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


My favorite collage applique teacher, Susan Carlson,  says there is a 'messy, scary stage' to every project that you just have to work thru.

Think you might have given up too soon!