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Sew.... how would you piece these stars?   General Discussion

Started Nov-15 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 545 views.

I'm looking at these little stars and trying to decide how you'd piece them. 

At 1st they look kind of like Ohio Stars but they aren't.  An Ohio star has a quarter square triangle block on each of the 4 edges of the center. 

But this one has just one large section in the center, kind of like the center is sticking into the middle of the quarter square blocks.  So you'd have to sew the triangles directly to the 4 neutral corner squares, then add tiny setting triangles on either end of two corners.  Weird.  Definitely going to give it a try before I decide if I want to fiddle with those little setting triangles.



From: latterberry


I was wondering the same thing when I saw your other post.  I think I would chicken out and just make a regular Ohio Star.  It's the strring blocks around it that I really like.


From: Mishii


I saw flying geese to make the legs and then triangles all around. No?

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Mishii said:

I saw flying geese to make the legs and then triangles all around. No?

You would still have small triangles on either side of the goose, then triangles all around, but I think that would be do able!

Looks like two triangles sewn to the square and another triangle sewn to the side. Not simple. 


From: MelRN


It's a sawtooth, really, with squares on the outside instead of rectangles. Then framed. I'd do the outside in large string pieced, then cut them in quarters and fit them to the blocks. Make sense?

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Well the construction was not too bad.  The finished size is 4.75" which is weird.  But I decided to use a standard 2.5" for the center.  I used 2" for the corner squares, but they get trimmed a little.  I sewed triangles to the corner squares, trimmed the section to 2.5" wide, then added the little white triangles to two sets. And sewed the other two to the center square.  I then have a little bit (1/8") I can trim all the way around to make it even.

At first I was basing everything on the white corners, but that gave me a weird size for the center square. With that a standard size of 2.5 I can trim the entire thing when done which I always like doing anyway.  I think I like it, kind of cute.  And will definitely use up the little waste triangles and some of my white on white scraps and 2.5" squares (novelty & other).   It likely won't get paired with strings but who knows down the road.  

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


by golly, I think you've got it!

It's kinda fun ... deconstructing a block or a quilt into the component parts.  :-)




That is how I had envisioned putting it together, but I would do scrappy centers - LOL

Turned out to be a cute block!

It is a cute block. It is always fun to figure out how stuff is put together.