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Hahahah!   General Discussion

Started Apr-3 by MelRN; 797 views.
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From: lppenguins


Hamburger idk $5 a pound, a loaf of bread is $4, Bacon $6-$8, on and on.  But people still think fabric is “cheap” and have no idea how long it takes to make and quilt them. 
my DF wanted an oversized King quilt with a big drop. But I told her how much the fabric would cost, then the quilting, not including my batting or time and we’ll, I didn’t end up being asked to make one. Lol. She got one at JCPenny. (Shrug)


From: MelRN


Yep. Funny how our ideas don't keep up with reality.

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From: tuckyquilter


LOL  That is too funny.  Women's Work is always undervalued.   BUT this happened with a custom quilt I made for my son when he married his first wife.  She didn't value it until a friend came over to see all the good stuff they got from the wedding.  Idiot was using it to "protect" a down comforter from the dog.  When the friend saw it she said: WOW that is a beautiful quilt... WHO do you know that would give such an EXPENSIVE GIFT.  

I found this out when my son called and I could hear the X in the background telling him to ask me how much it cost!!  I told him that he should put it on the homeowners policy for at least $2000.00 as it was a custom, one of a kind designed just for them, and labeled. Told him I'd find a Quilt Appraiser in his Michigan area to do the evaluation.  They were floored.. The year was 2008