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Earth Views fabric   General Discussion

Started May-17 by sueinIL; 612 views.

From: tuckyquilter


No, but the designs look like what I watch on afarTV on YouTube.  AfarTV has a live feed from the space station 24/7 as it goes around earth.  Pretty cool and now an astronaut has made it into fabric.  Very Cool.  On my list of "to buy" later.


From: judyinohio


Okay, Tuckyquilter, which Afar TV channel do you use to watch live feed from the space station?

I googled afartv and got something from a Hawaiian volcano, scrolled and got some other sites but none were live feeds from the space station.

Can you give us a URL, please?


From: tuckyquilter


Here it is.   Just copy and paste in your search window.

I watch all kinds of live stuff on YouTube.  Eagles, african watering holes, pandas  etc.  

I found Storm Chasers on this fellows channel:

He often gives the "TAKE COVER" way before the Natl Weather does.  Like with the Andover Tornado.  and Reed Timmer got live footage as I was watching him shoot it. Amazing

Reed Timmer       

Vince Waelti  

Brandon Copic

Chris FL Tornado

I love the Mysteries Channel too:

so if you want any other ways to waste valuable time... ask me... I probably have a "solution"... LOL  


From: latterberry


Those fabrics are beautiful!!  I have no suggestions but will be glad to see what someone else can come up with.  Whatever you come up with will be stunning.


From: sueinIL


Thank you, Lynn!  I'll let everyone know what I come up with. Pinterest is a source of great patterns to consider, and I've narrowed it down a bit.

Sue in IL


From: latterberry


I'll be watching to see what you come up with. (I love Pintrest).  I was just gifted a fat quarter bundle that was astronomy related but all in shades of browns and grays.  I know--doesn't sound pretty, but they are.  I thought it would be good for a masculine quilt--just need an idea.