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New ruler recomendation   General Discussion

Started Jun-28 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 438 views.

Wanted to share with my quilting buddies a new ruler I've found.

You are all familiar with the folded corner method of making snowball type blocks.  I have never liked that method, don't lake the waste, especially on the background fabric (corners).  Also I can never seem to sew corner to corner without wobbling or getting off.  So instead I've been using a method where you draw the sewing line then sew on an oversized triangle, then trim (have a ruler I got years ago for drawing the line).  But the step of drawing that line always seems like wasted effort - why not just cut the seam line then sew and be done.  So I had marked a ruler and made freezer paper templates or order to identify where that cutting line needed to be.  Recently I taught a short class on this method at our local guild and talking with another lady she mentioned there was probably a ruler for that.  So I went looking.  And of course found one.  I ordered it and tried it out.  And I'm in love.  Here's the ruler.  And there is a video (of course) can also be used to trim dog ears.  I like how the ruler can be used for 2 methods.  It does have a lot of lines on it and I needed to put some  of the narrow tape so I didn't get confused on which ones to follow. 

And here's the quilt I'm finishing up that used the ruler.  The ruler definitely helped me be more accurate and also sped up the process.  I find I've been doing a lot of these type blocks (from the Kim Brackett books) so I'm sure I'll use the ruler frequently.  

Temping me again with another ruler!!!

I think I'd already told you guys about this one previously when I first ordered it.  But I hadn't used it yet.  I do like it.  My only complaint is there are a lot of lines and I had a tendency to get a little confused.  The logic of the numbers isn't obvious.  But I have some colored tape (clear) that I put on to remind me.  I actually put a couple of layers on the diagonal one so I could scoot it up to the pressed edge of the triangle, kind of like the block loc rulers.

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


I am working on one .I love that pattern.It use up a lot scrap.


From: bornblesse2


Dee, I may have to look into that ruler…..I always thought this ought to be done easier!

re the ruler,  Creative grids has one too.  I think it was called folded corner clipper or similar - it is simpler than this one.  Tho I kind of liked the idea of supporting this young man.  I'm doing a snowball block with the ruler and figured out a way to more easily add the tape strips to the back.  I cut one sample, then flipped the ruler over with the fabric underneath and used that to help me identify the lines that I needed to align the tape.