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Have you heard of "booking" a quilt?   General Discussion

Started Jul-6 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 755 views.

It is a way to stack your pieces or blocks so that you can take them to your sewing machine and keep them in order to sew.  They taught this at a recent guild meeting.  I was skeptical but tried it last night.  And it worked pretty well.  Definitely saved a significant amount of time vs walking back and forth to my design wall.  Or time to pin all my little tags on which is what I would normally do.   Here are the instructions written up by our guild president, thought I'd share if you weren't familiar.  I did add a binder clip every so often to the "stack" as I was afraid I'd either knock them off on the floor or get them turned around and I needed to know where the top was.

well the pdf file is too large.  if anyone would like me to email to you, let me know.  I may add to my blog also as I like to put things there for reference.

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well Having to get me "attachment" limit fixed.  I haven't ever attached anything here at Delphi but it thinks I have, but won't show me any messages that I could delete.  Once it's reset, I'll attach the pdf.  I'm afraid if I just paste a screen shot you won't be able to read the instructions.


From: bornblesse2


Booking sound interesting, but I don’t know what that is….I hope you can attach the pdf.

is your email at  I can send that way.


From: judyinohio


That's very dazzling.

But above my pay grade, as Marj used to say.




Ha Ha, I have been shown similar methods for organizing as you sew, I always manage to make a mistake anyway, LOL, but am willing to try another method!

shhhh, I flipped one square.  But I figure out of 100 only flipping one wasn't bad.

I've seen other methods as well over the years and never could get my head around them.  For some reason this one clicked.  Plus I was lazy when I thought about pinning my row/column tags on 100 squares, so I guess that was my motivation.


From: sueinIL


I could take a stack of charm squares and find some way to screw them up!

I use 2 squares of cork board--12"-- and covered one with a light batting, then glued them together so I have a table-top design wall.

I guess I have to see the whole block in order to sew the parts correctly.

Sue in IL