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First time ever this has ever happened in all my years of sewing   General Discussion

Started Sep-4 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 223 views.

I generally do a quick swab for lint every time I do a new bobbin.  Apparently I dislodged a gob of Something.  And this happened.  This was white thread on white fabric.  The weird part was it kept happening on the test piece and paper towel I tried.  I finally took the cover plate off and do a more thorough cleaning.  I'm guessing this means I need to get it cleaned by a professional, my cleaning the lint is just moving stuff around in the depths.  I had never worried about sewing on a test piece after swabbing out but I'm definitely going to do it from now on!  Fortunately I had more of the white fabric and the red fabric on the bottom is dark enough you can't really see the grease stain after scrubbing it with Dawn.



From: bornblesse2


Oh no…..I had to clean out my machine again yesterday.  Thank goodness it didn’t mess on me as I was doing some quilt8ng on a tablerunner.

(actually, finishing up a very old UFO!  But, now I need to buy some fabric for binding as I don’t have anything to go with it.sigh….)