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Most expensive Featherweight ever?   General Discussion

Started Oct-3 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 362 views.

Tomorrow is the monthly "Featherweight Faire" at The Featherweight Shop, when they have several machines up for sale.  This is one of the machines for sale.  Just get out your checkbook.  Yikes!

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OR .......... you could buy one that has been re-painted in "pumpkin spice" color.  

Yikes is right!!! They are great little machines and I am grateful that I have one.


From: Contraryqltr


Wowsers.  That's crazy.  I wonder how they came up with that price?  When you see stuff on Antiques Roadshow that are unique like that, the appraiser usually says they are hard to put a price on because there are none to compare it to. 

And that pumpkin spice one?  Not feeling that color.  So many cool shades of orange and I don't feel like that is one of them!!

Mary in Michigan

I agree about the machine color.  I have seen some gorgeous machines repainted with red, blue, purple, teal, green, pink, and even orange (bright or metallic) - but I would never choose that color of orange.  Of course, pumpkin spice isn't a big deal to me anyway.  LOL  The only pumpkin dessert I care about at all is the Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake (I think from Paula Deen a long time ago).  I'm not a fan of pumpkin or sweet potato pie (but I do like sweet potatoes used in other dishes). 

And the price on that machine - yikes!  At first I was sure they had put in one too many nines!  $1,495 would be more like it - and that's only IF you are impressed by the store's description of the machine and everything that comes with it.    


From: MelRN


They are great little machines, but I'm not ever going to spend that...unless it's a longarm machine like Chris H. had!