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Started 11/4/22 by KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn); 61329 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
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From: karensquilte


Sent in my app yesterday and hope I get to come.  Looking forward to seeing all of you. 


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


OH!  MY!  We've been so busy going through boxes in the house to relabel and catalog in a database by box number.  The living room looked like a warehouse!  So we secured a 2nd container for the property so we can move that stuff out of the house and loosen up our already packed container.  We still cannot find some stuff we kind of need.  We found one more box labeled "Master Bathroom" and since I was missing some key things from my bathroom drawers (Carolyn - I couldn't find my make up!!!) and a pouch I had every day jewelry in.  I was beginning to get suspicious of our packers...  shame on me.  So we've moved and identified stuff in the 2nd container so now we are attacking the 1st container looking for DH's popcorn popper (I'm kinda tired of hearing about it!) and a couple of key pans from our CA pots & pans.  DH just isn't comfortable making eggs in a temporary pan!?!?  Good grief!!!

But I'll get an email off to you Ms. Carolyn as soon as I can.  I have to go into town tomorrow so I'll try to get it to the PO then!  Don't give up on me yet.  I NEED specific time to sew!!  I haven't sewn for month!!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Isn't the last Friday in January (when our Retreat fee is due) January 27th?  


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Yes, that hotel looks terrific and did you see all the artwork on the wall of the pictured of the meeting room?  Framed quilt block motifs.

KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn)

From: KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn)


Judy (DJZMOM) said:

Isn't the last Friday in January (when our Retreat fee is due) January 27th?  

Good catch, I'll fix that.   Every year I post the retreat invitation and every year there is an error in it.  Even after having it proofed,..........  (sigh)


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From: MelRN


What's the best recipe for goulash? My sis requested it for next week.

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From: bornblesse2



today will be an interesting day!  First I have church where I get to accompany the choir on piano- a task I am not used to doing!  Then i immediate head off to a very sad memorial service!  Then, a gathering for Mexican food with friends from long long ago!

i think the emotional swings will be big today!  Good thing I slept hard last night!   It seems like I have had emotional days lately!

Sounds like lots of ups and downs packed into one day. Hopefully it starts well and ends on a happy note.

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From: LindaPutt


It's been awfully quiet here - I bet you're all busy making some wonderful quilts for retreat show & tell, What are you working on?

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


I'm working Inner Cube.  On the last stages now.  I've actually finished the top **per the pattern** but I am going to "straighten" out the edges by stitching on a border in black Fairy Frost.   Depending on how I feel after that, I *may* put on a piano key border in the Tula Pink color fabrics because there is quite a bit leftover.  It will make the quilt larger ...and a more useful size, I think.

Here is what I've done so far:

and the picture below shows how the in-fill process is going to be.  This is so I don't lose the points along the perimenter.  The designer has you cut them off (::gasp!::) to straighten the edge.  I just can't do that!