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Started 11/4/22 by KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn); 60151 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: MelRN


Yes, please :D 

KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn)

From: KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn)


I would like a copy


Okay, Mel, Carolyn, and anyone else who wants it - this is the goulash recipe the schools used when I was in school.  Of course, there are thousands of other similar recipes and variations, like you can add corn, beans, or whatever else you want to add.  But this is the basic recipe for "Texas Goulash."  I know it's hard to read, so I will type it out in a little while.  Just wanted you to see the hard copy.  haha  

Recipe and instructions that are easier to read - for Mel, Carolyn, and whoever else wants it.  Because this was intended to feed school children, it's not very spicy at all, but to me, it's just right.  If you want it hotter or spicier, season to your own taste.  It's just a very simple recipe, good for this cold weather!   


Texas Goulash – or Lunch Lady Goulash


1 lb. ground beef

¼ c. chopped green pepper

¼ c. chopped onion

2 cups plus 2 tbsp. water

¾ c. tomato paste

¼ tsp. salt

¼ tsp. black pepper

3 tbsp. chili powder

2 tsp. sugar

1 ½ c. pinto beans – already cooked  (I would drain, but reserve the liquid for later, if you need to add more “bean juice.”)

4 c. spaghetti (or elbow macaroni) – already cooked



Brown beef, green pepper and onions in fat.  (No amount of fat is given in the recipe; I would use or not use, depending on the fat content in my ground beef.)

Add tomato paste to cooked pinto beans.

Combine salt, pepper, chili powder, sugar and water, and stir into meat mixture.  Add the cooked beans and tomato paste mixture.  Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes.

KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn)

From: KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn)


You say this is not spicy.  Three tablespoons of chili powder seems spicy to me.  Am I wrong?



From: LindaPutt


Here's my recipe for Goulash.  I make it at least once a month because we like it a lot and it's easy.  It's a recipe from the days when I grew up in Minnesota. No beans in this recipe - not a staple in MN.  The amounts for doubling the recipe are in parenthesis.  Now that the kids no longer live at home, I don't need to make as much. 

Goulash (Linda Puttmann)

8 oz uncooked lean ground turkey or beef (to double the recipe, use 16 oz/1 lb)
2 oz Elbow macaroni (4 oz)
I medium onion, chopped (1 large onion, chopped)
3 ribs uncooked celery, sliced (3-4 ribs uncooked celery, sliced)
15 oz can chopped or diced tomatoes (2 cans)
¼ tsp Lowry's Seasoned Salt or plain salt (1/2 tsp)
1/2 tsp garlic powder (1 tsp)
1 tsp Better than Bouillon Beef Base of other Beef Bouillon if using ground turkey (2 tsp)
1 can tomato juice (if need more moisture/liquid)

Cook pasta according to package directions.  Meanwhile, break up meat, and saute with onion, and celery.  Add tomatoes and seasonings.  Drain pasta when cooking time is up and add to the pan with the meat mixture.  Add tomato juice if need more moisture or if reheating for leftovers because the pasta soaks up the juices and it usually needs a little bit more moisture.

Variations:  Mexican – add 2 tsp ground cumin & diced green chiles (I use mild)

Italian – add 1 tsp Perfect Pinch Italian spice mix or make your own using a combination of ½ tsp basil, ¼ tsp oregano, and ¼ tsp thyme, plus a pinch of rosemary.

  • Edited November 19, 2022 7:10 pm  by  LindaPutt

Well, it was a little spicy, but not too much for even elementary school-age kids.  I remember my Dad making chili and he probably used the same brand of chili powder, and his chili was not that hot.  You can adjust the amount as much or as little as you like.  I just know that it was served in all of the school cafeterias in the city, and everyone I went to school with remembers it as one of the best things they ever served.  On our school alumni Facebook page, someone is always asking for the recipe.  For school cafeterias, they served some pretty good stuff back when I was a student.  But that was a LONG time ago.  haha  


From: MelRN


Thank you :D 


From: MelRN




From: lppenguins


I’m my what a great day!!! How exciting Judy, congratulations