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Started 12/3/22 by bornblesse2; 2349 views.

From: bornblesse2


Finally walked to my sis and have internet while I sit outside!

she has Covid!  Mom got Covid, but has passed away yesterday morning peacefully in her sleep.   Blessing!

dad is coughing with headache today!  Negative for Covid but will try again tonight as I suspect….

I am with and caring for dad.  No idea if I get on my flight tomorrow or not.  One day at a time.  I’m in a downpour waiting for it to clear a bit, but holding up strong…..

thanks for the prayers my friends!


From: Midkid5


Sorry for your loss.  Glad you can see the blessing in it.  I hope you dad is handling the situation.  Prayers will continue for you and your family.


I saw on Facebook and am so sorry. Hope your Dad is not positive for Covid. It was good you were able to be there for your Mom as well as your Dad.


From: bornblesse2


Well,  ami,  dad is positive for Covid.  He started symptoms the next day after mom passed- Saturday.   Sunday he fell at 5.30 am. And got him sitting up, but called for reinforcements to get him up.

Of course his thin skin, he banged up a couple passes but nothing more.  But over the next 3 hours he was getting weaker and needing more and more assistance to get up.  Wouldn’t take in fluids.  Ending up in ER. And being admitted.  Much better by supper and we got him To eat a bit.  Today stronger and getting out of bed.  But Dr. Wants PT reviews again tomorrow.  Assisted living needed for him before long…..

I think we all knew this was coming.  But mom was adamant about not going. So…..  can we find a place close with room?  Can we get through holidays?  Can we get a memorial planned?

one day at a time!  I am being his caregiver along with my sis who is through the worst of her Covid and the 5 day quarantine. ( she manages the medical,  I am doing the physical and support.

biggest need —. Ellen’s immune system needs to keep Covid away!  Vitamins, sleep, and prayers!  I have had massive exposure.

Keeping you all in my prayers. Hope you Dad continues to improve. So sorry you are all going thru this.