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We are fabric magnets!   General Discussion

Started Mar-14 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 361 views.

At the HBAT meeting last night, there was a huge amount of fabric being offered to us by the husband of a member of our group who died recently.  He offered it to the members of our group, asking only that if we took some of her fabric, he would like us to make a donation to her church.  By the time I got there, most of the other members had taken what they wanted, but there was still a LOT left, and I picked up a few pieces.  After the meeting, and after everyone else had apparently taken what they wanted, there was STILL a significant amount left.  We were encouraged to go back and take more if we wanted it, because he didn't want any of the left-overs, nor did the President of our club.  They wanted us to take it ALL, and just make a donation to the church in whatever amount we wanted to give.  (Our usual rule for the give-away table is that if nobody has picked up what you brought by the end of the meeting, you MUST take it back home with you, or dispose it in some other way - just as long as you don't leave it behind!)  

So I waited a few more minutes, and picked up a few more things, and there were STILL a lot of scraps nobody wanted.  Strips and scraps - just my thing.  After confirming that nobody else wanted them, I happily adopted them and took them home with me.  More scraps for charity quilts!    

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By the way, there were some left-overs, but I think some of the ladies are going to use them to make baby quilts for the Pregnancy Help Center.  Win-win.  




Whoo hoo, wish I was there!!

Wow sounds like your group adopted quite a lot of fabric. I am sure you will be able to figure out some great things to use it in.

I wish you had been there too!  There is usually a small amount of fabric on the give-away table each month, but this was big.  (Maybe not as big as some of the other stashes, but big for our small organization.  I am just amazed that nobody wanted the strips and scraps but me!

Oh, by the way, they LOVED the tweezers from Donna McGuire, and I only have 5 left.  


From: tuckyquilter


It least he brought it to a place where people appreciate fabric.  And besides a donation to the church, there will be donated quilts made as well.  Win - Win - Win all around.