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Tip: borders   General Discussion

Started Aug-27 by MelRN; 385 views.

From: MelRN


Ok, if you have troubles with chunk borders like I do, this lady has a bit on it at the end of her video. I may try this tip instead of doing the whole "measure in three places" jazz that never works for me...(if you look at my quilts you'll notice I never do chunk borders, for that reason!)

This is a whole quilt, but the border part is nearer to the end.

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I always like Donna Jordan.  Her instructions are always pretty practical.  I've been doing borders very similar.  Only difference is I fold the quilt in half, then in half again, so that the edges and the middle are together.  That way I can see that the edges are the same as the middle.  Sometimes I smooth it (slight stretch) to make them match.  Then I cut the border as she shows just by laying it on the quilt and pin.  It's handy because the edges are already there ready to pin.  I haven't "measured" with numbers in forever.  I figure why do math when you don't have to.


From: MelRN


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said...

I figure why do math when you don't have to.


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This is the way I have always cut my borders.  I'm mathematically challenged so this works for me.



From: MelRN


LOL!!! I've always been Mathematically challenged. I'll be trying this soon...when my hands are fixed.