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idea for scrappy Mountain Majesties swap   General Discussion

Started by mickineel; 1632 views.

From: McNielTX


Hi! I've been off the forum for a while (guess I've been too busy with all my other swap blocks and about 1000 other projects...LOL)-- but this swap sounds too fun to pass up! Count me in when you get it going! Fall would be great...

--Kathy (


From: katelnorth


Nice idea for a swap, Micki. I probably won't join in (am resisting joining block swaps until some of the blocks I have are at least joined into tops - notice I said "some" and not "all" LOL).  Personally, I like the idea of having people pick two colours, but it would work well with one and neutral, too. Also a pattern that would look nice scrappy. I will follow along with interest!



From: mickineel



1000 projects?  yep you need another one <g>   your not over commmited until you reach 1050 projects! <g>

keep checking back,   I will probably start sign ups at the begining of August. ( after my nephews wedding is out of the way)



From: mickineel



Sorry that you won't be able to join us. ( unless you decide that you haven't reached your 1050 projects and can take on 1 more.)<g>

I did make one of the these blocks and they are soooo easy! the worst part is after you cut the 4 strips out of the blocks to arrange them the right way.  and that just means that you can't just grab and sew.  I did find that to make sure that I kept the strips in the right order to sew, I used a piece of felt ( that I just happen to have sitting around for another project) and transfered it to my sewing table on that and I didn't have to make sure that I had the strips in the right order again.  I made it with black and pink fabrics and I love it!

I am going to make another one with more scrappy and neutral fabrics and see how it turns out.



From: SevenBoxes


What size block would you prefer?

I don't promise to join the swap  - I never seem to allocate enough time for sewing - but I could do the math for enlarging the block if you'd like.


From: Craftstar


Hmmm, I havent really thought anymore about it. Ill let ya know.


sophie (swapaholic)

From: sophie (swapaholic)


I went to a quilt show yesterday and saw a quilt that reminded me of your idea for this swap. It's at the top of this blog post:

Scroll to the bottom for a link to all my quilt show photos.



From: mickineel



Oh my, that is so pretty! Thank you so much for the picture.

It just reaffirmed that I am going to have to do the swap. I will post the swap by the end of next week.  This week is a little busy yet but next week is right before I go back to work and a good time to get going on something new.  (even though I have plenty of other UFO's I could do something with.)



From: mickineel


swap is posted!

look under swaps,

scrappy mountain majesties


From: rho


Hello Kate, how are you?

   I was just browsing about and saw your note about finishing some quilts before joining in another swap...

How are you coming along?  How many have you peiced so far.  I just wanted to chime in to say........... that's why I stopped for some time.... to get some of my "swap kits" pieced as well.  I have piece together (3).

1 from the "Double Four patch" swap  (Brown) - "A Taste of Chocolate"

1 from the "Paths and Stiles" swap (muti & green sashing)"Layla's Flower Garden"

1 from the "Scrap Buster" swap  "Batiky Block Party"

  and................. I am currently working on the 4th one.(not yet shown in my pics)..both block sets from the HST swaps.  and I want you to know, that pushing these out the door, or quilting myself is AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! such a  WONDERFUL feeling!!

Happy Quilting!!



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