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idea for scrappy Mountain Majesties swap   General Discussion

Started by mickineel; 1678 views.

From: JudithReese


Hi Micki,

I'm thinking that your swap sounds very interesting. I would most likely like to be a part of this swap. I would like to see if my daughter Stephanie would also like to join. Here is my problem. I am leaving for New York again tonight and will not be back for a while. Will this be ok? There is no internet, or computers, where I am going so I can't get on line until I join the real world again! I would be back in late July most likely. I will be clearing out my Dad's home and getting it ready for sale. I'm planning on bring back a truck load of things, furniture and other household items. My sister may be joining me out here in a few years.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. I'll check for your answer when I get back.

Judith Reese


From: mickineel



not a problem.  I might not start the swap for a while but if I do sign ups  I will leave it open till I hear from you, or at least put you and Stephanie on the list.

hope it all goes well.  the summer is too short.  I am still working in the book depot but may be done by next week.  I don't mind the time the extra time.

Did you hear about Monica's accident?  that sounds like a scary one!

have a safe trip!




From: nicklenana


Micki, I am interested in this swap too.  I have made this block before and it really is easy.  I used the blocks for a border.  Turned out really neat.

Will be watching for you to post the swap.



From: Mego_98125


Micki, I would be interested in this swap.  I have looked at this pattern and put it in my 'todo' file...I will be gone the end of July/first of August but will be checking after that.  This would be fun!



From: shep3327


The block is easy and fun...can we chose a color???



From: mickineel



I am probably going to have everyone choose colors. 

Do we want to choose 2 colors ( 1 for each side of the block ) or just choose 1 color and a neutral color for the other side? 

I was thinking that it would be kind of neat to choose 2 colors. I am still wanting to make a pink and black quilt and might make this my oportunity to do so.

I will also leave the scrappy option open if anybody wants their blocks scrappy.


  • Edited 7/2/2007 6:37 am ET by mickineel

From: shep3327


I would chose 1 color to match up with a neutral...I think...such decisions!


sophie (swapaholic)

From: sophie (swapaholic)



I think it's a great idea for a swap. Depending upon the timing (and whether or not I'm caught up with a few other ongoing swaps and projects), I'd like to participate.

sophie ... whichever way you decide to go on picking colors ...

Gosh I wish I could join in with this one, that looks great.  My DD is getting married in October though and I have her dress and cake to make (as well as my own) so I am being strong and not signing up for anything new.

Good luck and have fun though.


From: McNielTX


Hi! I've been off the forum for a while (guess I've been too busy with all my other swap blocks and about 1000 other projects...LOL)-- but this swap sounds too fun to pass up! Count me in when you get it going! Fall would be great...

--Kathy (