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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1961627 views.
Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


KSCarolyn said:

I was surprised to learn that 80% of people who contract COVID19 have mild symptoms.   Also, 99% of people who contract COVID19 will run a fever. 

I am pretty sure I had it a couple of weeks after Retreat - we think we got it at a restaurant during the trip we took right before Retreat - I wouldn't have been contagious during Retreat. Mine started out as a dilly of a cold - sneezing, hacking up a lung, runny nose, body aches...only had fever for maybe 12-15 hours though - G was lucky - he only had the fever part and some minor sniffles... The lingering effects took many weeks to clear up....even for G.

It's that other 20% that have more severe reactions that are filling up the hospitals...sigh...


From: KSCarolyn


Sandy in TX (Centergranny) said:

...if it said with a crown on, we would figure out who it was!

Yep, it would have been a dead give away.



From: lppenguins


How’s your ankle healing Karen?  Gosh you’ve had quite a time too.
I hope it’s getting better every day  


From: karensquilte


Ankle is doing good.  Finished P.T. and walking the dog a little further every day.  You get that hand healed quick.


From: bornblesse2


Laura,  how did your hand surgery go?

ive been thinking of you!


From: bornblesse2


I’ve been minding my own little nest for a while!  I don’t think I have said anything here, but my son had to resign his school position.  Issues with how things were managed and communicated while he was doing their summer care program.

it broke my heart, and now I’m having to resolve some issues With some of the same people.  Man, this Covid really has
people become mean!  
anyway, I’m busting out of my nest and it’s depression.  Maybe I will sew again this week.

anyway, hello out there!

bornblesse2 said...

Laura,  how did your hand surgery go?

ive been thinking of you!

Agreed! Been praying for you! <3

Sorry about your son. Yeah, people have become a pain lately. There are certain things I enjoy that I really miss, but I've been more ok than I thought staying at home when not working. Course I have been working a lot...and studying. I put off my exam for another few weeks, tho.

Glad to hear you're doing relatively well :) 

Hi Ellen. I hope your son finds something else soon. Yes people are pretty crazy and everyone has their opinions.

I am just trying to stay busy and getting stuff done at home. DH is starting his 2nd week at the new job in Colorado. I am in New Mexico for another week or two trying to tie up loose ends and then will go back to Colorado. I am just taking things one day at a time right now.