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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn); 2723452 views.

From: bornblesse2


Oh my Judy!  The adventures coming your way!

i have been craving a trip to Co!  We have a couple of friends there.  But traveling isn’t happening so much right now!

How very exciting! Congrats and good luck on your new adventure. Colorado is the one place we have considered moving. Butunless one of the kids move there I am guessing we are staying put.


From: Mishii


Judy (DJZMOM) said:

I may call on you to come and organize it all!!!

You know I'll be there with bells on!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Thanks.  It surely will be an adventure.  It already has been a bit.  But once we are in we can be a "go to" destination for you!!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said...

Congrats and good luck on your new adventure. Colorado is the one place we have considered moving.

With much of David's extended family in the Denver area and south to Colorado Springs we have seen a bit of it.  The original family farm was in Eastern CO (in Limon, CO) and is no longer owned by the family.  But we did take DJ out there when he was young and we were there for a family reunion.  David's Granny was a homemaker, piano player for the church and a quilt maker.  After she passed her two daughters found a number of quilt blocks and partial projects (as we all have) so they got them together and began a long project of putting together a quilt for every direct family member down to her grandchildren.  Once they were all finished the family all came together at church she attended in Colorado Springs (she got to the point she could no longer live by herself) and we had "Granny's Last Quilt Show".  All the quilts were displayed so everyone could see them all together and then each blood relative were given one of the quilts.  It was a very special time of honoring and sharing together.  

We'll be a destination for you to visit in a couple (or 3) years and you can explore too!  DJ has been thinking of applying to AE internships in the Denver area and has already asked about being able to staying in the house that is on the property so he can commute from there.  He has also mentioned that Denver has quite a number of Aerospace companies working out of there.  Even if he does end up working in another area of the country he can easily fly in and out of Denver.  We'll see.

Well Mark is pretty grumpy and driving me crazy. He wanted to go to New Mexico till next Wed so I drove down here last Friday. I get to drive him back on Wed. His vest goes off in the middle of the night when he moves so last night he turned it off.................Yes nobody needs to tell me that is not a good idea. I went to be early last night because I have been running, running, running and was exhausted! Being the care giver is not an easy job around here.

There is snow on the front range but it does not stay all winter and is not too much at a time, maybe one or two bigger storms last winter but it melts. Also if there is a storm and you need to do some plowing the storms do not usually come back to back so it is not that bad. If you do not need to go out then stay in the heated house and it will all be fine. Since we are skiiers we get excited when it snows because that means fresh snow on the slopes.




Good, I know I had friends that sold their water rights, but that may have been surface irrigation water, but it is  a stange deal!  How far out from Ft Collins are you going to be?  Last time i was in Ft Collins, it had grown so much from when I was gong to college.

I am guessing that your new home will include a fireplace of some kind.  Just think of each snowstorm as an opportunity to languish in front of the fire while observing the weather from a distance.  Mmm, cocoa and hand-stitching in front of the fire on those days when you don't even want to think about going outdoors.  I like the snow for a little while, but then I want it to hurry up and go away - which is strange, as I have become even more of a homebody these days than I ever have been before, and I only go to town about once a week anyway.  Since I no longer have to drive to work, I am okay with the snow staying around longer.  And yes, it *does* snow here every so often.  It's hard to remember that at this time of year, when it's in the 90s and 100s.  I remember a few really big snows here when I was a little kid, and my Dad took movies, so I can prove it.  LOL

I'm trying to be more prepared than I used to be, stocking up on some essentials and food staples more than I used to - not really "stockpiling" but just having a decent supply, in case of a power shortage or something.  Not a huge hoarding operation -- but every time I go to the grocery store and/or drugstore, I buy a package of TP, a roll of paper towels, some bottled water, and a couple more cans of soup, vegetables, beans, etc.  It's a big deal to have bottled water on hand here, because the water is SO hard.  And I have a water well - not on city water.  But that means if there is a power outage, I wouldn't have any water either!      

Anyway, about the snow - just enjoy the scenery while it lasts.  I would love to see your new place when you get it built.  With David in charge of the plans, I'm sure it will be both a showplace AND the most utilitarian homestead around.  And having a separate house for guests or special events/gatherings sounds ideal!  


From: judyinohio


Who is going to teach Judy about the hard facts of wind chill?  I'll bet that is something she's never had to think about in California. I suspect that there may be periods of no snow on the ground but are there ferocious wind chill factors that make you want to hunker down and stay inside?