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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 1925458 views.

Well wish I could have been there to help. I do love working on clothes so it would have been fun. You will have to share a photo of her all dressed up on the special day. Weddings are such joyful occasions.

Next time you are going to Ft Collins let me know and we will try to get together and do a little shop hop. We will be in New Mexico for a few days the early part of October so hopefully you will not be there while we are gone. We have been slowly sogging thru the rest of our home improvements in our house. The kitchen and last bathroom were painted this trip, some bathroom fans and a few other odds and ends were done by our handyman. I got the kitchen table stripped, sanded and refinished. What a transformation. It had a finish over the wood so you could not see the wood and we bought it for our new kitchen in the house we moved into up in Washington over 24 years ago. It is great quality oak and looks amazing now with a beautiful golden hue to showcase the beautiful wood.

We are driving back to Colorado tomorrow at O dark 30.............dh likes to get up way to early so I just have to get up before I am ready to and just get in the car. Usually the sun comes up once we are well underway.

I chucled to myself. Friend who invited me to a local retreat suggested I prep something to work on. Ha, she has no idea, I am the queen of prep!  All those years flying to AZ I know exactly how to prep projects.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Have a great and safe trip back to CO.  Sounds like you did much more work at your home in NM.  It's winding down though...  it has to at some point.  Your table sounds stunning to have the luster of the original oak refinished one again.  I hope you can enjoy that for a long time.  

I will let you know when we get back.  We are kind of longing to get away from the craziness and poor air quality in CA right now.  AND, we have to hear about or get junk mail about this Gov Newsome recall election.  I know how my ballot will be marked so I just want all the "stuff" to STOP already.  The petition to recall was overwhelmingly signed so people seem to know how they want to proceed to let's just do this and be DONE.

Sorry...  end of rant...

We will be traveling to ATL 9/30 to 10/5 to see DJ for Family Weekend (the 1st chance since he's been attending) so we are looking forward to that.  DJ even seems to be excited we are coming and staying a couple of extra days.  We are still waiting word from CO on a couple of outstanding items.  When we get that status then we can plan our dates to FtCo so I can book tickets and let you know.  


We are getting the smoke from California both in Colorado and New Mexico. Some days it is really bad and you can't see the mountains, sometimes not real bad. I can imagine how bad it must be where you are.

We are keeping an eye on the recall too.


From: bornblesse2


That’s funny !  Dee absolutely is the queen of prepping!

enjoy your time sewing with friends!

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)



Today is 4 weeks since my surgery.  PT is going slowly but well.  No active motion of my shoulder until 6 weeks.  No pain except with stretching a an occasional "pinch".  I can use my right forearm so I'm able to do a few things.  I'm driving short distances with 1 hand.  Hardest thing is to put the key in the steering column.  Still can't sew.  stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Bob is also doing better slowly.  He has severe cabin fever.  He never was one to sit still for long.

Still difficult to type on my computer.  I am reading.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


whoohoo...sounds like progress for both of you..

Constant improvement for both of you. Glad to hear you two are both healing. Hopefully Bob can figure something to make the cabin fever bearable.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Cathy (cacnurse1) said:

Still difficult to type on my computer.

Voice to text!   That could be very entertaining!  LOL!