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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 167483 views.

From: judyinohio


Love the colors in those blocks. This will be a beauty.

Glad to know that you are in the very exclusive Forever Club with Pirate.  wink


From: Mishii


bornblesse2 said:

I ignored household tasks and sewed yesterday!

I'm jealous.  My new job is stupid.  They add 5 extra steps to every process.  So I had to work all weekend again.  Slowly but surely they will get whipped into shape.

Your blocks look fantastic!


From: Midkid5


Very pretty blocks the quilt should be gorgeous.  Glad you took some time for yourself.



From: bornblesse2


Thanks Shelley.  Actually, I looked up a quilting friend that was doing this with me back in day.   I Contacted her and we are going to set up periodic days to work on this long, long process.

And, while I was in the groove, I got on the computer and printed out a bunch more patterns for blocks and picked fabrics.  This project fills one of those plastic milk type crates.


From: bornblesse2


Thanks Judy....way, way back when this started, my plan never was to make a whole quilt.  The Dear Jane blocks fascinated me and I wanted to make a dozen or so blocks and make a wall hanging.   These ended up on the wall at the shop to show off a line of fabrics.  Then, people wanted to make the blocks.  So we started doing that monthly.  We meet for maybe two years.  

I am so are into this I would like to finish it at some point. 

I have 129 blocks of the 225 blocks done.  And have 5 more half done that have the applique parts ready to finish.

it is a HUGE project.  Thus, t got put away.


From: bornblesse2


Keep at it Mishi!  If anyone can get that place better organized, it will be you.

but, do take some time for you!  My day yesterday was for my mental health!  (Attending 2 funerals for friends who lost 38/40 year old sons really depressed me!  )

very nice.  If you are tired of it, you could put together what you have so far.  just a thought.  That is how my DJ turned into a moderately small sized wall hanging.

playing some more with my B&W fabric.  did I already post this?  I can't remember.


From: judyinohio


I don't think you posted this one.

Besides, I never get tired of seeing your "Adventures in Quilts".  It's almost indecent how much fun you have.

I do tend to get "on a mission".  Right now I'm thinking of ways to only use black & white background - I have a large number of  B&W, but they don't get used much as I gravitate to the colorful layouts.  I've been going back through patterns I've made previously that would work in B&W only.  Watch for a blog post eventually.