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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 611106 views.



How wide is the elastic you are using, and how long are you making the elastic pieces?

Such happy quilts. Beautiful job.

Pat (bealinfl)

From: Pat (bealinfl)


Cathy I like Yours with the shoestring ties, The ones I have been making have that elastic strings. and yes they do hurt the ears. i would like to try some, what would be the length of ties? Pat Beal 




From: bornblesse2


Pat, I try to make the ties about 19”.  Some are shorter, but I aim for 19”.

ittakes longer to make these, but I did t have elastic.

i did find some bpughten bias tape that I stitched and used those.  

Well, darn! I obviously can't count. I thought I'd done the math with these mini-9s I found, but I guess not. I'm going to have to make about as many more...<groan> LOL!!! 



From: tuckyquilter


That’s really pretty PAT. The colors are just perfect

Thanks, Tucky!

How are you doing ?


From: tuckyquilter


I'm good.  Behaving for the most part and "still" working on those darn triangles.  I've emptied one shoe box Bin, almost half way through the smaller plastic drawer and trying to think if I hid them any where else.. 

How are you doing?  Has Spring started to somewhat arrive and get things thawed out?  I need to get in here more often and check the LIVE chat.  Has it been doing well?  I sure hope so, although I haven't contributed as I should.

Been looking on pinterest at HST quilts. There are tons of beautiful ones.  Thought about starting at one corner and just adding to the project as I go along.  Time will tell.  Thursday I plan on working on th 2018 Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt.  I need to get the next set of blocks sewn together.  Once that is finished I can move to the 2019 Frolic one.  LOL 

I have her My Blue Heaven pattern, which I call My Christmas Heaven basically done except I decided to add the border to make it larger.  Backing is already chosen and ready to go.  I'm trying to focus on the UFO's in my life for the time being.  Been at this UFO thing for two years now.  I'm a topper at heart, I wish the Quilting Fairy would just come at night and quilt the darn things:  we'd all be happy.  

Behave yourself....


From: Midkid5



I was just watching a video interviewing Kelly Cline who is a vintage linen quilter.  The interviewer remarked how clean Kelly's old linens were compared to her old linens. Kelly said she uses a product called Retro Clean and warm water in a bucket and lets the piece soak for 24 hours or more, rinse and air dry.   

Thought this might be helpful for your thrift store vintage piece.


Thanks for the comment on the Retro Clean. I have put the piece on a shelf and hope to get it out once we are able to go  back up to Colorado where I have my longarm machine. Right now I am making clothes. Just finished the pair of black wide leg jeans I started in February.