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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 540206 views.




Jonna loves hers.

Ha Ha, I see Jonna already told you she loves hers!!

If you only had the RIGHT kind, you would never have to worry about the tension.  Heh.  


From: Mishii


Mine has a place.  It is out and plugged in all the time.  It was even threaded.  I did have to dust it.  That was a bit horrifying.

I think I just don't know what to do with it.  I don't make clothing and how many napkins do you need?

What am I supposed to DO with it?

I finally made myself sew. I traced the pants pattern I wanted to make along with a few changes, mostly just made it longer. Did that yesterday. Today I cut it out of some old fabric to make a trial pair. I then decided to start sewing. If I did not have to stop for a ZOOM call with all DH cousins and dinner I would have finished. I guess I will get them done tomorrow, just have done enough for one day and it is getting late. I may actually like the sample pair if they fit well...........that is why I sew them up in fabric I am not crazy about.

For dinner I made bread in the bread machine I dug out of storage, frozen salmon form Costco, rice, broccoli, rice and a salad. It was a pretty good Easter dinner.

As soon as I get these pants made up I want to make some masks out of the interfacing and the N95 type pattern. I did make some rectangular masks already and plan to make more.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


I've been using my serger for masks too.  There was a tutorial out there specifically using server.  pretty slick.  Love that it binds the seams at the same time.  But the seams aren't as nice and tight as a straight stitch.  It was the tutorial where I got the idea for one long tie rather than cutting them.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


I got to sew yesterday and today.  Made a little cooler/holder for my water bottles to keep them from sweating on my desk.  I then cut out and put the fusible on 2 t-shirt quilts.

Does anyone want the t=shirt fabric left over?  Bet there are 200 ties worth in those scraps.  I was more careful than usual, keeping the scraps in large pieces this time.  But I just don't have the heart right now to make any more masks. 

The folks here who wanted them have now had their hours cut, no furloughs yet but likely coming.  DD only had 4 hours of work last week, of course the PRN folks are the first to be cut.  I know in some places heath care folks are busy, but not here.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


latterberry said:

want to make one a day for each day of isolation.  Let's hope it isn't a very big quilt!

Cute idea!  I hope it;s a wall hanging.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


I made masks all last week.  Taking the weekend off.  Had to prepare for tax appointment tomorrow.  Yesterday drove out to Nyla's.  She wanted the makings for hot cross buns and she had some shop towels that are supposed to filter up to 1 micron.  Covid-19 is 3 microns.  Next weeks masks will have a filter and come with a piece of the towel as a filter.  I'm going to try a different style.  I'm ready for a change.

Yesterday Bob dressed up in his dino costume and became the Easter Dino and delivered baskets to the grandkids out front of their house.

We watched the sunrise Easter service at church this morning and opted for grilled ribeyes instead of out traditional ham.   The big ham in the freezer will have to wait for a time when the kids can come and help us eat it.

Hope you all were able to enjoy Easter or Passover or just the beautiful day.  

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Cathy (cacnurse1) said:

We watched the sunrise Easter service at church this morning

Was Bob in his Easter dino outfit?  :-)