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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1022159 views.

Judy, those are gorgeous!!!

Yeah, I didn't keep neutrals for a long time, and i've made a more concerted effort lately since they show of lovely fabrics just like this. Way to go!

Nice! I like that one too!

Here is the weird par...I've never liked orange. I was born mid 70's and I think it's just a product of my age...but I'm starting to like touches of coral in decor and such.


From: bornblesse2


I saw that layout of string blocks too!  I saved it so that I could try it sometime.

i am making string blocks today.  But they are for a scrap mystery quilt that I am doing.  Yea for using up scraps!


From: bornblesse2


Judy, your string blocks are looking great

So since my sewing machine is in the shop I can't work on my strings. I decided to attack that mountain of paperwork I have to go thru............making progress on it for sure.

Hope to have my machine back by Monday so I can start on the strings too.

Well I now just have one large box of papers. I started with about 5 so doing amazing on that front. I did a big one a few weeks ago and ran out of steam and started sewing instead..........the papers share the sewing space. Well I worked half a day of real focus yesterday and a good part of today and just dumped the really big bin into a slightly smaller one. I am going to tackle this one tomorrow and hope to have this task off my check list.

Good news on the sewing machine. The guy called yesterday and said there was nothing wrong with the machine. He said I was likely threading the machine wrong (well I have been using this machine for over 20 years and have made tons of projects with knits before with no probems. I told him I had even placed that piece of knit with the skipped zigzag stitches under the presser foot from him to see. Well he did the stitch on regular woven fabrics and said he would try on jersey knit..............well today when I called he said that yes he was getting skipped stitches too..............bottom line it was a timing issue and he said he adjusted it and I got charged a whopping $20. They called at 2:45 this afternoon and they were going to close at 4:00 so I jumped in the car and was there at 3:30 to get the machine. I have not tried it yet but will as soon as I clear out the paper sorting mess.


From: judyinohio


Big congratulations to you Ami! ok_hand

Getting rid of boxes of paperwork is a huge deal and getting that repair guy to sit up and pay attention so he found the timing issue is also huge.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


The only quilting I have been doing lately is t shirt quilts. I have made 3 pier 1 tshirt quilts for 3 ladies who have worked there 30 plus years (each). And have one more to do but am waiting on her daughter to bring me a couple of older vintage shirts.  They are thrilled but I am getting very tired of them.  I toldone lady who wanted to post it on facebook she better tell people I charge 250 and it takes 6 months, or else she has to come help me make them.  Also 2 graduation quilts and one for a local attorney. Yikes 7 since Christmas. No wonder I am tired of them.

Crossing my fingers that it works well for you now!!

(and how rude that he said, "you probably didn't thread it right"...really?! #insulted)

Mel Harris (MelHarris1) said:

(and how rude that he said, "you probably didn't thread it right"...really?! #insulted)

Well I did keep telling him that there was a sample right there on the machine for him to see and it was knit fabric, and that I wanted to sew more knit fabric but not with the machine skipping like that. Finally he decided to try using knit fabric and it happened to him too. I hope to try it later today and see if it is all working and then I may just cut out another t-shirt and sew it up..............I have a large piece of white cotton jersey and the pattern I drafted myself really fits well so I can always use another white t-shirt as they go with everything and I only have 1, and it does not fit as well as my new pattern.

Well I guess I better have at that last box of paper and hopefully will finish that today. There is lots more to do with paper but the rest is in file cabinets and likely a lot of that can be shredded and tossed because it is really old, this will make room for the stuff that needs to be filed and organized...........I hate paperwork!!!!!