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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1029754 views.

I have been focusing all my sewing time on my tree of life quilt. I kinda decided I did not want a forever project out of this so I imposed a hard deadline. Applique to be complete end of August and then quilting and binding in the Fall. I am making amazing progress. I have done about 2/3 or more and started this applique in early June


From: judyinohio


Oh, my, that will be a very tearful quilt to work on.


From: qltmkr1


Very sorry to hear of the loss of such a young person.  I can see why you're not yet embracing the idea of starting on this quilt.  You do such wonderful work, and I know you'll make an amazing keepsake to honour the memory of her son.


making progress. I added the black & whites to break things up, I think it helped.


From: bornblesse2


That’s looking fun!   I just finished cutting out more masks this morning!  My sisters in KS need more, so I am on a mission to get them done today.  
yuck masks making.....Yea, using up more bits and pieces!

I'm surprised they still want them.  Everyone I've supplied previously here has told me they can't use them any more (health care folks).  And non-health care folks like the disposable because they aren't as hot as the cotton.  Many places are supplying them to their employees.  I had to sit and work with one I had made for the 1st time on Tuesday and I have to admit I am a wimp.  I liked going in to our temp office just to see people, but now that masks are mandatory in TX no one was there and it was decidedly less fun to be there.  I messed with it continually, fiddled with my glasses, couldn't read the screen because of my bifocus where pushed up.  Decidedly less productive than if I had been sitting at home in my office.  I feel very bad for all those people who have no choice.  And the thought of what it's going to be like at schools makes me cringe.  Poor teachers have a hard time keeping the kids focused on their work as it is, now one more distraction to add to the fun.  what a world


From: bornblesse2


My sisters are in a small Ks town and the masks are being made mandatory.  I sent them some early on.  They have others now, but said they like the fit of mine the best.

i am getting used to wearing mine for longer periods now.  But it’s hard wearing them when I am with the kids - projecting my voice and not being able to smile at them, etc.  

(I had been reading to small group I. Summer care, for my son.  But that is done til fall now since he went in this morning to quit.....I’m waiting to see how that goes.  And facing his peers when I go back will be interesting.  I know his co-teachers loved him. As did the kids.)

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


bornblesse2 said:

 But it’s hard wearing them when I am with the kids - projecting my voice and not being able to smile at them, etc.

So... have you seen the "Smile Masks"?   Practical, innovative ..... but just a little bit creepy, I think. :-)

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


bornblesse2 said:

just finished cutting out more masks this morning!

I was having a chat with my favorite middle daughter in NYC.  I had made her (and her room mate and the other residents of her small apartment building) some pleated face masks early on .. the kind with the continuous string tie instead of elastic ear loops.  Everyone was very much appreciative.

Well, now, said daughter says that she is somewhat envious of the smooth/contoured face masks (which I have learned are called Olson Masks).  She has also learned of the face masks with a straw hole, which enable the wearer to use a straw for a beverage while still wearing the mask.  The straw hole is covered up in various ways, depending on the style of the mask.

So, after a long hiatus, I am now back in the face mask business .. but this time just for my favorite daughter.  I will admit that when I start a project, doing the research is a favorite part.   People are SO inventive and I see no reason why I should reinvent the wheel when I can stand on the shoulders of others. :-)

She decided that she would like green fabric this time.  OK.  shade: light? medium? dark?  You gotta be *specific* when you're talking with a sewer, ya know.  Well .. medium was the choice (that surprised me, as I had a darker shade that would have looked fantastic .. but, whatever).   

Would she like a preview of the fabric selections?  Yes, please.   So, I photographed the dozen or so fabric I thought might be suitable in terms of "medium green" and she chose 4 of them.

Then, as to the *Style* of the Olson mask.  Holy Moley.  People have really come up with all sorts of variations on a theme!  One of the first pictures of existing masks that I found was for a pleated mask with a concealed straw slit.  Then, I showed her some Olson masks with straw slits.  She asked if prototypes of both could be made.    But, of course.  I live to serve, ya know.

One of the pleated, straw slit masks was made in a white background with small multi-colored flowers all over.  DD #3 liked the fabric, so back into my White fabric crate I dove.  I didn't have anything quite like the sample, but there were 4 pieces of white background that she did like ... so 4 more fabrics were added to the pile.  Oh, and one of those white backgrounds was actually light ecru with penguins on it.  Who can resist penguins?  Certainly not DD.  :-)

I figure I'll make both styles .. pleated and Olson ... with variations .. in the different fabrics.  That way she can have a fashionable choice when she emerges from her apartment. :-)

from personal experience:

I made both Olson & pleated for my daughter, she preferred the pleated because it stays under her chin while she is doing therapy, moving around etc.  I however prefer the olson one as it doesn't slide up under my glasses as bad and seems cooler - it "fits" the bump in my nose.  And the cut strips of t-shirt are wonderful regardless of how you want to tie them.  Again DD has a pony tail and moves around a lot so she ties hers behind her head, up over her pony tail.  I just tied mine to make soft ear loops.  they are so soft and comfy I don't even feel them, even with my glasses on.  

and with all the stupid t-shirt quilts I have plenty of scrap t-shirt fabric.