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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 273741 views.

WOW, that looks wonderful.  I hadn't seen the entire thing, love the mix of pieced and applique.  anxious to see your quilting on it.


From: judyinohio


That "mix" is why I am calling it a masterpiece ... the pieced part is more or less "normal" but the applique just sends the quilt over the moon, so to speak.

judyinohio said:

Well, kiddo, when you make up your mind to "power through" something, you are unstoppable.

I would say that when I make up my mind something needs to get done then I get it done. 

Thanks Dee. I am excited to quilt this as well. The background was a solid on purpose so I could do some really fancy quilting. There are a few things ahead of this (your quilt and a few others). That will ensure that I get to this one soon. I also have one of mine ahead of it as well. My goal is that this must be quilted and bound by the end of the year.


From: latterberry


I'm so glad you "powered through".  That quilt is beyond amazing!  I love that little squirrel!

Thanks Lynne! The squirrels were a real challenge but now that they are done I think they will make more appearances on future quilts. I am always drawn to pieced quilts with applique. In fact my forever quilt I finished last winter is also a log cabin with an applique border. It is not on my blog yet because I want a really nice photo shoot of that one. I did put it on the facebook challenge Ellen nominated me for.


From: latterberry


As you may remember, each year I make a memory quilt for those who are retiring from the high school I worked at for so many years. I had three to make this year and it will probably be my last because I have been retired long enough that those left are all fairly new and unknown to me.  Sadly, thanks to the stupid virus we couldn't have a retirement party to deliver the quilts so they are still sitting here with me. Hopefully, we can get together this fall for a small get together.  I wish I would have gotten better photos so you could see how the signature blocks mixed with the novelty blocks that depicted that depicted their interests.


From: latterberry


Sorry they turned sideways for some reason, and it would only let me post one at a time.  

I am sure the recipients will treasure those. Hopefully you will be able to present them soon. With the signature blocks I bet those are a ton of work.