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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 607984 views.

From: bornblesse2


On that same note, over the weekend I took a quilt from Patti and added to it to make it the 60 x 90 size, because I could....and I had some fabrics that matched.

here it is Patti...hope you approve!


in the center you see what I left left from the 2 fabrics I!  Using up more fabric bits!

oh, I made a backing for it also!  Ready for going to church!


From: Midkid5


If I was close enough I would do the ironing for you don't mind it at all.  Today I have to do some sewing room cleaning.  Made a quilt top from old flannel shirts, strings everywhere.  Plus just need to put some stuff back in its place.


A couple of years ago I saw these 2 short YouTube videos by TEAQUILTS, showing how she makes up "yardage" for charity quilt backings and keeps them on hand wound around a bolt.  (That also gets all of those pieces out of your stash, and onto a bolt you can pull out as you need it.) 

You may have already seen this, or something similar, but I thought it was a clever idea.  The video was made on a very windy day, and the sound is not the best, but you can get the idea from the video, even without the sound.  Part 1 is only about 5 minutes, and part 2 is only 3 min.  Very helpful ideas. 

I always struggle when using "ugly" backings tho.  I've I've spent that much effort making the top, I usually end up feeling like I shouldn't short change the back (unless it's a wall hanging).  I can see for charity quilts but for a gift I just can't do it. smile

almost done quilting.  I'm happy with my compromise - not feathers but I think it works.  The idea was a modified Hooked feather.  I only went the wrong direction once and no one will ever know.




bornblesse2 said:

here it is Patti...hope you approve!

Yes, yes I do!  Glad you could make it a bigger size that you can use.  I thought about making them bigger, but figured you could do that after you got them, if you needed them bigger.  Great job!!  Keep at it!




I need her wooden porch to lay things out!

I have begun trying to work on that awful "bamboo" fabric we got at retreat for the challenge. Nothing like waiting for the 11th hour to get going on it. Wish me luck getting it quilted and bound before retreat!

I also made a trial dress out of a pattern I really like. I just need to hand sew the hem on that. I can now make a few tweaks to the pattern and cut out my good fabric. Since I have made the dress once now I can just whip thru it for the second one.

I need to cut binding and sew it on 3 of the quilts that I schleped down to NM for our stay here for a month. They have been staring at me for a couple of weeks now and I think they are starting to make mocking remarks.

The only thing that I am trying to do for a New Year goal is to make daily lists and try to get things on said list done...........if not they go on the list for the next day till they get accomplished. When I do lists I can keep on task for things that I want to accomplish instead of chasing squirrels.


From: judyinohio


You call those stitches "Hooked Feather"?  I  see Ranger's Claws.

In any case that pattern is perfect for the quilt.