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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 608685 views.

binding binding binding.  5 bindings attached but not sewn down.  I am out of the fabric I used for the borders on 3 of the remaining ones so I need to decide what fabric to use.  I sat outside yesterday afternoon and attached all the labels, it was a very pretty mild spring day, little bit of a chill but not too windy.  Very pleasant listening to the birdies.  

I just realized I never finished my reverse applique.  I had been waiting until new sofa & chairs were received to make sure I still wanted to use it in the original place.  I put the unquilted top on the coffee table just to see how I liked it and then forgot all about it.  I think I'm going to make it a large hexagon - but not sure how I want to finish it out.  I was thinking of some sort of pieced border around the outside to frame the applique. But I'm having a hard time visualizing what I want.  Maybe I'll just some some simple quilting then do a binding in the same fabric with a flange of the gold.  I don't want to distract from the applique but I also want to finish it out nicely - lots of work on the applique.  Any thoughts/suggestions?


From: judyinohio


Sorry, but I cannot enlarge the small photo of the applique.  

I see eight points on the design so offhand I do not envision a hexagon design; did you mean an octagon? An octagon would be good. I am not sure about a pieced border, though. My gut says a solid border.

But then I am merely looking at the very small photo so my opinion is a very small one ....

yes Octagon - sorry, mis-spoke

here's another photo - I finished this applique last October but never quilted.

An octagon (thought the same as Judy but saw you corrected that). How much fabric is left. I would do the octagon and bind in the purple but do some fancy Strips made into loops (hard to describe) out of the gold fabric to look kinda lacey on the outside edge.....very fitting for a table cover.

I have about a yard of both fabrics.  I know what you're talking about - Sharon Schamber has done that on several of her show quilts - yikes, you are intent on stretching my skills Ami!


From: judyinohio


Yes, Ami has given you a challenge, but remember that it is not a quilt she is suggesting those loops be added on to ... looping the perimeter of a table topper should be within your skill set. They would be terrific unless Ranger the Wicked thinks they are a toy.

true.  I was considering some additional applique too.  And there isn't a hurry.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Ya know, if you let things sit in the back of your brain for a while, sometimes (stressing the *sometimes*) you actually come up with a solution.  :-)

The Forever Project that I just finished involved 4 hexies sewn together in a "diamond".

I had a whole BUNCH of them leftover since I seriously downgraded my Forever Project to a baby quilt.  A crafty friend of mine took a lot of the leftovers but quite a few remained.  I had piled them into color families and was staring at them.  Hmmm.  What if I simply stitched all the like-colored diamonds into a color block?  Whatever size it turned out to be, that would be the size.

Then, I could stitch the color blocks together.  Hmmmm.  That was certainly possible.  In fact, it would have been the perfect way of dealing with all the leftover diamond units.  And I had given away a ton of them.  Ah well .... it's not like they are difficult to produce and I still have a lot of scraps, ya know.

I started stitching the orange diamond units together.  I gotta say, that although orange isn't my go-to color, my eyes are liking this arrangement a whole lot better than the baby quilt Forever Project.

Side line: Mr. Pirate & I went on a weekend-long road trip to an area that we hadn't visited before.  This small central California town (Colusa) even had a quilt store!  We visited it and I bought 2 charm packs, mainly because I can subcut a charm into (4) 2.5" squares and that's what I need for my hexies.  :-)

Well, one of those charm packs had some orange-y colors in it, which meant that I needed to incorporate those new oranges into the ones I already had.    EXCEPT (why is there *always* some sort of obstruction with my projects????) because I had not anticipated making more/new hexies & diamonds, I had not brought my templates with me.  So, I was unable to use the new orange charms this weekend.  The oranges were put on hiatus until we returned home where I could access the rest of my supplies.

Here's where I am with the oranges:

I need to incorporate the new oranges with the rest of the "old" oranges.  Then I'll move on to other colors.

As I was stitching on the hexies, I was thinking that ... cripes, I still stuck in this 4-unit hexie project.  One that I'm not *terribly* interested in but it's a way to use up the rest of the diamond units.  I *do* have another applique project waiting for me .. that bird applique!  I had brought it to the Retreat but never pulled it out.

THEN, it hit me!  Why hadn't I thought of this before?????   Since I'm not all that interested in the diamond hexie unit project and Mr. Pirate & I are starting to ramp up our small (and not-so small) road trips for this year, it occurred to me that I can work on the bird applique while I'm **at home** with all of my supplies and watching TV  (which is typically when I do my handwork).  That project can get advanced and eventually finished.  The diamond hexie project can be my CAR Forever Project!!  I'm truly not interested when it gets done.  Hexies are *perfect* for a traveling project.  This seems to be a win/win situation for me!  woo hoo!  :-)

I'm rather pleased with myself.  :-)


From: judyinohio


Pardon me, Pirate, but some of those hexies  you label as orange look suspiciously pink to me.

Perhaps it is because I am averse to pink that I am objecting to some those groupings. (Pink gives me the shivers. Maybe it's my computer screen playing tricks with the colors ...)