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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 635680 views.

My Grandson is a hockey player, and I want to make him a quilt with hockey fabric.  I found a small but good selection of hockey fabrics at 

I haven't bought any yet, but will do that before too much longer.

Sounds like a nice project you have going there.  

You may need larger amounts but I do have about a 3/4th yard of this.  I haven't used it because the individual players are a bit larger than I typically use, about 5" total.  I'd like to keep a few squares but if you want the rest you are welcome.  You've shared so many fabrics with me over the years - Let me know.



From: latterberry


Congratulations on getting all of those lovely quilts finished up.  Maybe that will give me the incentive to get my pile of flimsies done.  Good idea to give them to the crisis center.  I've given some to the pregnancy crisis center too, but they just give them to the new moms for their baby.  I've also given them to the children's hospital to give to the sick little ones.  My next batch is gong to an orphanage for a fund raiser they have tis summer.  Let us know when your blog is updated--looking forward to seeing them.

Yes, I would like some of that fabric - whatever part of it you do not want to keep.  Thanks!  I will e-mail you my new address.  

Dee did you mean to post the hockey fabric to Cathy?

Your 10 quilts are amazing. I have been working on your applique wonder. DBIL says it looks amazing so far.  I have started sewing stuff for him as well so I work on yours when I can. We drove to New Mexico yesterday and I will be heading back to Colorado Tuesday. 

No, the hockey fabric was for Jonna, but she figured it out. Excited to see your quilting. I will have to reserve a special place for it in the new house.

Last night I decided to fix something that has been bothering me for years.  This quilt is one of my favorites, it is hand pieced, applique & hand quilted.  It took approximately 5 years start to finish, completed 10 years ago.

The problem is the center block had faded very badly.  It was supposed to be black & white but one of the blacks had faded to an awful pink.  Every time I looked at it, I was unhappy - right in the very center of the quilt.  I had been examining it and decided it wouldn't be all that hard to pull those fabrics out, slip in new fabric and applique them down, rather than trying to piece them the way they were originally done.  I'm confident in my applique skills now, so the project was definitely possible.  

So last night I got to ripping.  Look at how much this silly fabric faded.  The quilt was never in direct sunlight, this happened from a combination of florescent (from my office) and indirect natural light.  The dark is what was in the seams.  Even under the quilting thread it stayed black - I kept trying to rip out quilting that was already out.

And here is the block with the new fabric pinned down.  It won't take long to sew it.  And as far as the quilting, I'm not going to worry about trying to tie off what I cut, I'm just going to quilt over it.  I'm excited to have this fixed.  This particular block was a copy of one Ami made at my 1st AZ retreat block swap, made from a pattern from Marcia's QuiltersCache.  I love this block, but hated the faded fabric.

I also spent time last night pulling fabrics to make a quilted clock from the idea Judy K suggested.

I think I'm going to fussy cut the outside diamonds from this and use the TOT to make the center star out of diamonds.  Haven't decided on the middle blue section.  Note, the fabric with the diamonds they are not wavy, the fabric was just wrinkled.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Wow .. that is dramatic and amazing!   Good job!

I have a similar problem with a wall hanging that has never been in direct sunlight.  The *main* focus is a sewing machine, done in black fabric, of course.  It must have been very cheap fabric because it has faded to a faint gray.  You can hardly distinguish the sewing machine from the light background fabric.  I have photos from when it was first done; the black is BLACK.

I had not considered replacing the sewing machine, as it is the main component of the wall hanging ... but given your sterling success with your block, I'll think about it.